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Michigan-Maryland Postgame

A few quick thoughts on last night's game:
  • Man, Anthony Wright just sucks. I've thought that all along, but I decided to try to trust those who know a little more basketball than I do. Unless Wright goes on a ridiculous tear sometime soon, I shall not be dissuaded.
  • Early in the second half, I thought Maryland was making a run, and as long as Michigan kept it close during said run, the Wolverines would be able to pull away at the end. I was wrong. This team isn't deep enough right now to win games like that against quality competition.
  • Speaking of depth, with Laval Lucas-Perry, Michigan probably win this game. That's definitely something to look forward to in a couple weeks. Michigan really needed another person who could test the defense of the Terps.
  • Manny Harris tends to force things too often, leading to turnovers. If something isn't there, he needs to calm down a bit and let the play develop.
  • The full-court press didn't cause any turnovers (that I can remember off the top of my head, at least), but man, did it give us hell. There were a lot of times I was surprised we managed to break half-court.
  • If we had gotten a few more rebounds, the Wolverines could have won this game. Zack Gibson let so many go straight through his hands.
  • I'm certainly watching the game through maize-colored lenses here, but it certainly seemed like the officiating was bad in general and... slanted... in particular. A big part of that may be the home-court advantage in college basketball, but it seemed like we got very few calls, and Maryland got a lot of really close thigns called their way.

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“Michigan-Maryland Postgame”

  1. Anonymous Johnny Sears' Bong Says:

    Michigan doesn't quite have the ability to take it to the rim yet. I kept watching MD drive and wondered, "why can't Michigan do that?"

    Also notice how many times MD rejected UM at the hoop? It was embarrassing.

    Zack Gibson needs to find his game and quickly. UM has no functional big man...yet.

    I wonder if Epke is watching how much improved UM is and lamenting his decision to leave?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    RE: The refs. I didn't get to watch the UM game (stupid ESPNUSGHJKDGHJG), but I noticed the same thing happening against MSU last night. I am definitely un-biased there (Michigan Grad Student)and it was pretty one sided. I guess it is not just Dicky V & Jay Bilas who slurp the ACC anymore...

  3. Blogger Paul Says:

    I can't really fault Udoh for transferring. He doesn't really fit the offense or the 1-3-1. I think he made the right decision for him. That said, I would have loved some of his rebounding this game.

    I feel refs are generally biased to the better team. In a charge/block situation it seems that team reputation usually plays a role.

  4. Anonymous tbliggins Says:

    Gibson is horrible. He is like a combination of the worst qualities of C.Sims and G.Brown. He is being forced into playing a larger role than his skills dictate simply by the lack of depth. I am scared that is going to be the thing that keeps us out of the tourney this year.

    RE: LLP. Am I missing something w/ him? Why has he been crowned the savior of the program? According to rivals he was rated slightly lower than Grady. Yet people are expecting big things from him. Where is all this love coming from?

  5. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    Grady is held back by distractions off the court, such as DDing for his brother.

  6. Blogger Paul Says:

    LLP has a few things on Grady. The biggest difference is probably about 3-4 inches which can make a big difference defensively. Also LLP is a better finisher around the basket. Grady made some nice moves to get to the basket, but couldn't finish; hopefully LLP will be able to.

    Also, while Arizona has dropped off a bit recently, they are still a team with good national recruiting. They obviously saw something in LLP that brought them to Michgian.