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Jerimy Finch

Thursday, August 31, 2006 by Tim

Indianapolis Warren Central, school of Michigan safety/LB recruit Jerimy Finch, played a game last weekend that has been replaying on ComCast Local. If you get a chance, I'd recommend checking it out.

Interesting note from that, however. One of the commentators said that the "word on the street" is that Finch may decommit from Michigan to join his teammate Darren Evans at Virginia Tech. Keep an eye out for that.

Lloyd Carr is not on the hotseat

by Tim

On ESPN's current CFB SportsNation poll (I'm not going to link it, because it will be gone soon enough), the question is "Which hotseat coach should be safe this season?"

The second (to Larry Coker)? One Lloyd H. Carr Jr.

The question is admittedly vague, so people don't know whether they are saying: "This person doesn't deserve to be on the hotseat" or "This person's performance this year will remove him from the seat on which he is presently perched," but the point remains the same. The people of the world don't think Lloyd's job is in jeopardy. In the midwest and particularly Michigan (though, somewhat surprisingly, not as much in Ohio), Lloyd is far and away the favorite.

Your own poll proves it, ESPN, fans are not calling for Lloyd Carr's head. You can say it all you want to create news, or believe people who claim to "speak for the vast majority of Michigan fans," when in fact they don't (see: SaveTheBigHouse hooplah).

My weariness with ESPN is reaching all-time highs lately, and this whole invention of grumbling Michigan fans is just one more grievance on the list.

Just a couple more days...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 by Tim

I'm going to do something that I probably shouldn't, which is invite pretty much anyone on the internet to come tailgate at my house before the game on Saturday.

Here's the invitation that my roommate has sent out:

So its that time of year again. The time when each yesterday is beaten only by today’s consumption-of-inebriating-chemicals. To welcome everyone back, we’re throwing a little Pre-game gig this Saturday, details as follows:

When: September 2, 2006, beginning the inebriation period around 9 AM, also continuing after the game until all have passed out

Where: 319 E Jefferson (just down the street from Tom, bout a block and a half from the Union)

Why: Welcome Week Pre-game, sail three sheets to the wind, reunite the clans, and break in the livers via shock therapy

Who: You and the world

What: Kegs, ‘dogs, pong

We invite everyone, from veterans of not-quite-beer consumption to the youngbloods whose livers are still soft and well, to join us in our joyous revelry

Cali RB commits!

Saturday, August 26, 2006 by Tim

RB Avery Horn is Michigan's 13th commit of the year, per both recruiting sources. He is a 3-star speedster out of Hanford.

Since I haven't talked at length about it in a while, here is the current list of commits (links go to their Scout profiles, they are listed in chronological order of commit).

Vince Helmuth FB
Artis Chambers S
Ryan VanBergen DE
Ryan Mallett QB
Martell Webb TE/WR
Jerimy Finch S/LB
James Rogers WR
Troy Woolfolk CB
Steve Watson TE
Dave Molk C/G
Marquis Maze RB/Ath
J.R. Hemingway WR
Avery Horn RB





Just as a side note, I use Scout's ratings, because I think their information is better, even though it is given in a less professional (and generally good - (see Josh Turel)) presentation.


Thursday, August 24, 2006 by Tim

Brian over at MGoBlog has made a bunch of pricless shirts for your consumption. See them, and get a purchase link, here.

Note: I've purchased maize "Zoltan for Space Emperor (of space)" and "East Lansing is a woman of negotiable affection" shirts to either wear this year, or have for a prize on the show sometime this year.

A good day to be a Wolverine...

by Tim

...or at least that's what South Carolina WR Junior Hemingway decided, and Pennsylvania DT Marques Slocum is finding out, after waiting a year to qualify.

Both will be Wolverines in the future. It's unclear whether Slocum will suit up for Michigan this year, seeing as how he hasn't been practicing with the team. I assume he could either jump into the lineup later this year, or take a redshirt year (although he's probably already 19 or 20).

I strongly agree with this post.

by Tim

Key play is some of the most retarded shit out there.

My new catch phrase: "Put your fucking keys away and make some noise."

Videos coming soon!

Monday, August 21, 2006 by Tim

I've been a horrible blogger lately, but soon I'll post a couple videos for your enjoyment. In the meantime, take in the Carlos Brown run from Spring practice, while you still can.

PS Jake Long and Lamarr Woodley are the captains of the football team.

Henne and Hart on ESPN2's "Cold Pizza"

Saturday, August 12, 2006 by Tim

Cold Pizza has been profiling potential Heisman candidates, and this week both Chad Henne and Mike Hart were on the show.

Mike's interview.

Chad's interview.

Illinois OC Dave Molk Commits to Michigan

Thursday, August 03, 2006 by Tim

Dave Molk, an o-lineman (future center, most likely), from the Chicago area has picked Michigan over Iowa. He is the 10th commit of the 2007 recruiting class, and the first lineman.


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