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Just a couple more days...

I'm going to do something that I probably shouldn't, which is invite pretty much anyone on the internet to come tailgate at my house before the game on Saturday.

Here's the invitation that my roommate has sent out:

So its that time of year again. The time when each yesterday is beaten only by today’s consumption-of-inebriating-chemicals. To welcome everyone back, we’re throwing a little Pre-game gig this Saturday, details as follows:

When: September 2, 2006, beginning the inebriation period around 9 AM, also continuing after the game until all have passed out

Where: 319 E Jefferson (just down the street from Tom, bout a block and a half from the Union)

Why: Welcome Week Pre-game, sail three sheets to the wind, reunite the clans, and break in the livers via shock therapy

Who: You and the world

What: Kegs, ‘dogs, pong

We invite everyone, from veterans of not-quite-beer consumption to the youngbloods whose livers are still soft and well, to join us in our joyous revelry

“Just a couple more days...”