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Lloyd Carr is not on the hotseat

On ESPN's current CFB SportsNation poll (I'm not going to link it, because it will be gone soon enough), the question is "Which hotseat coach should be safe this season?"

The second (to Larry Coker)? One Lloyd H. Carr Jr.

The question is admittedly vague, so people don't know whether they are saying: "This person doesn't deserve to be on the hotseat" or "This person's performance this year will remove him from the seat on which he is presently perched," but the point remains the same. The people of the world don't think Lloyd's job is in jeopardy. In the midwest and particularly Michigan (though, somewhat surprisingly, not as much in Ohio), Lloyd is far and away the favorite.

Your own poll proves it, ESPN, fans are not calling for Lloyd Carr's head. You can say it all you want to create news, or believe people who claim to "speak for the vast majority of Michigan fans," when in fact they don't (see: SaveTheBigHouse hooplah).

My weariness with ESPN is reaching all-time highs lately, and this whole invention of grumbling Michigan fans is just one more grievance on the list.

“Lloyd Carr is not on the hotseat”