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The Stadium Atmosphere: The Cheerleaders

The most comprehensive part, "The Fans," is still forthcoming. Again, feel free to speakyour mind on the matter in the comments.

Not only are many of the Michigan cheerleaders lacking in the aesthetics department, but their ability to enhance the gameday atmosphere is seemingly nonexistent. They participate in many of the songs in which the band leads the students (doing “The Claw” with their megaphones during “Temptation”), but do little else. They have cheers that nobody has ever heard, and they don’t exactly make up for their novelty with catchiness. Moreover, they seem to feel like they are working, rather than having fun at the game (which, admittedly, they are, but when it’s your job to seem excited, then you had better do it). They rarely encourage the fans to make noise on opponents’ possessions, and when they do, it’s only by holding up signs that say “NOISE” on them, or even by having signs instructing people to perform the :shudder: God Damn 3rd Down Key Play Thingy.

A sad state of affairs was exposed at the Homecoming game last year, against Northwestern. Two old men who couldn’t have been younger then 70 did a better job exciting the students for 2 quarters than the regular cheerleaders did for the rest of the year combined. Merely by showing enthusiasm, they were able to get the fans in a frenzy, despite the dismal weather. They also introduced a new generation of students to the most amazing cheer I’ve heard in my time at Michigan, the “Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah Michigan Michigan” chant (of course ending with the superfluous “Hooray!”). I can only hope that enough students remember this cheer next year, allowing it to become a regular occurrence at Michigan Stadium.

Watching ESPN Classic games featuring Michigan, it is easy to see that the cheerleaders of bygone days were far more enthusiastic than today’s breed. While the flying cheerleaders (AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME)will probably never grace Michigan Stadium again (seriously, someone please put video of these guys on Youtube), that doesn’t mean that the cheerleaders can’t positively impact the gameday experience for all involved.

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“The Stadium Atmosphere: The Cheerleaders”

  1. Blogger Jeremy Says:

    I agree. The only noteworthy thing the cheerleaders did last fall was dress in baggy athletic pants and polo shirts, as if on the LPGA tour. And take too long to spell Michigan during TV timeouts.

    The handstand walk across the endzone is cool. And the beaning the opposing mascot's crotch on the goalpost. Do they still do that?

    Also, they've consistently been dominated in every aspect of their jobs at the bowl games. I've even heard them say (after sharing buses/planes with cheerleaders) that it was because they're usually too hung over after spending their per diem on alcohol. Smooth.

    Creating a more unified student section can be done, but requires more effort than both sides are putting into it. In conclusion: More backflips, skin, coordinated cheers.

    FYI: Hell yes to the "M Locomotive" cheer. It was very common in the '50s and its resurgence would certainly be welcomed.

  2. Blogger Blake Says:

    No doubt the cheerleaders are awful. I mean, you can't shake it any other way.

    They are lame, no one (except in maybe the first 1-2 rows of the stadium) can even hear what they're saying, they can't make any cool towers and those they do try generally shake and collapse soon after. I'd take the dance team over them every day, and they have to pay to perform, unlike the cheerleaders who are funded by athletics.

    At least they now use the sweet giant 'M' flag more since I wrote a letter to the Daily calling them out for being horrible.

  3. Blogger Chus Says:

    Sexy photos!: Idaho Vandals Cheerleaders