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Sam McGuffie Leaves Michigan

...and there was much sadness.

Freshman running back Sam McGuffie has announced his intentions to transfer from Michigan. McGuffie was Michigan's 2nd leading rusher on the year, but missed parts or all of several games with concussions. He received his unconditional release from Michigan this morning, according to both pay sites.

McGuffie-and-Michigan never was a perfect fit after the departure of Lloyd Carr and the pro-style system, and McGuffie will likely transfer somewhere closer to home that is a better fit for his skill set. His injury history and family issues are reported to be the reasons for his departure from Michigan.

Varsity Blue wishes McGuffie the best of luck with whatever he plans to do in the future. Scholarship count will be updated accordingly.

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“Sam McGuffie Leaves Michigan”

  1. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    Pour one out for the cowboy.

    There goes my dream of a black QB and white RB...

  2. Blogger Bob Says:

    Do you think Michigan will now sign more then 25 in the 2009 class?

  3. Blogger Griffin Fraley Says:

    Bob, if you don't mind me stepping in to take that question. I don't this has any affect on the amount of 2009 recruits. Michigan will still have room for 27 kids (28 now?) with the ability to move early enrollees into other classes (there are 2 or 3 slots available in 2008 class for 2009 kids still, and 7 or 8 kids from 09 have expressed interest in being EE's). Either way, this probably doesn't affect running back recruiting because there are still 3 more recruits on the way at that position. Depth at running back is still good without McGuffie.

  4. Anonymous santoro Says:

    This sucks. Even if for the only reason that it throws another log on the fire for the "OMG Dickrod is such an asshole cuz he runs everbody off and nobody wants to play for him" bullshit talk.

    Personally it sucks more to me because we are losing a damn fine football player who had become one of my favorites after that tough catch in the Toledo game to keep us alive. He would have had a good/great career here, I dont care what anyone says, too small/cant break tackles = horseshit. He was a freshman. He will be a good one. He will have an excellent college career at A&M or whatever and it will be just one more kick in the nuts for us...but, what are ya gonna do? Shit happens..especially when you are a UM fan.

  5. Blogger Bob Says:

    Yea, I know we are good at RB I just wondered where we were at regarding the 85 scholarships. I just counted Mgoblog's depth chart board and with the 2009 verbal’s we have 81. So it looks like we are still on track for 25 in this class, with 4 more to go.

  6. Blogger Ben Newcomb Says:

    The great thing about 7-8 early enrollments is, obviously some will count toward last years class and unless we pull in around 28 this year we will have a even more to offer for the '10 class that is already looking good. Year three for RR is going to be exciting.

  7. Blogger Griffin Fraley Says:

    I counted 80, but I may have miscounted. If it's 81, then we have exactly enough room to hit 25. Keep in mind, however, the overall count includes guys like Savoy and Criswell who may not get 5th years.

  8. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    I hope forcier takes the number 2 jersey.

  9. Anonymous Jason Says:

    UM has 61 scholarship athletes returning. There is a good chance that Butler and Avery Horn will not return. So with 21 recruits that puts scholarships at 82 with the limit being 85. Right now they can add 3 more recruits and if those two leave they can add 5.

    As for McGuffie this was more a personal reason to transfer than a football reason. He has family issues back home that were tearing at him. Between the guys coming back, the guys coming in, and the redshirt (Mike Cox), Michigan will be more than ok at RB. Rich Rod will not have issues getting good backs here.

    8 wins next year baby!!!!

  10. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I know where a Sam McGuffie!!!
    Click on the linkFlash clip about Sam McGuffie