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Coaches v. Cancer Crisler Regional

I did not attend either of Michigan's games in their regional of the 2Ksports Classic benefitting Coaches v. Cancer (not getting into town until tomorrow: drat!), but I did manage to catch most of both games on ESPNU by heading out to local drinking establishments.

Pre-game tonight (IM conversation):
Paul: no one wanted to go to the bball game with me... i'm so surprised
Tim: haha. are you still going to go?
Paul: no
Tim: typical michigan basketball fan. i would go if i were there.
Paul: who wants to go to the bball game alone. that would be sad
Tim: der uberzing.

...And on that note:
  • Am I supposed to be able to tell Zach Novak and Stu Douglass apart? I hope not.
  • I love how "Academic All-Big Ten" is a synonym for "former walk-on." However, it appears that, in basketball, "former walk-on" manages to not be a synonym for "white."
  • ESPNU's coverage is... lacking. The worst part is the ridiculous length of commercial breaks.
  • Manny Harris is much better than last year (with necessary caveats about level of competition), but he still tries to make things happen more than he needs to, resulting in turnovers or bad shots.
  • What's with Jevohn Shepherd changing numbers? That's going to take some getting used to.
  • Nobody on Michigan can rebound to save their lives.
  • When are the kids on the fringes of the Maize Rage going to realize they look stupider being the only ones not to jump around than they would if they just went with the flow?
  • A pair of good performance by the Wolverines, beating the teams they should. Now they have to pull off a surprise or two in the Garden.

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“Coaches v. Cancer Crisler Regional”

  1. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    Announced attendance last night


    They must have all been out getting hotdogs when I was watching, cause it looked more like 66.

    I may know nothing, but I know that number is bs.