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This Sucks

This sucks.

Rationally I knew it was likely that Michigan would lose. This isn't a good team. The offensive line is inexperienced and constituted mainly of middling recruits. The wide receivers included James Rogers and Zion Babb. A ton of the big contributors are injured or nicked up.

There's a brand new offense that's different, scary and wildly inconsistent. The defense is having growing pains learning a new scheme. Sometimes they look amazing, and other times they look confused.

There's no reason to expect big things. Hume disproved the principle of the uniformity of nature. Just because Michigan has been consistently good does not guarantee that Michigan will be good in the future.

I know Rich Rodriguez will mold this team into a something amazing. He is a winner everywhere he goes. Michigan has a great base and program to support the team. All evidence points to greener fields ahead. The 2009 class (as of now) looks to be elite. The 2010 class will likely be better. Something good is around the corner.

Sparty tried to give Michigan the game. They did not play well. They left a ton of points on the field. Michigan got a very dubious call in their favor (how the Hell was Minor in bounds?). Michigan is just not good enough to capitalize. Rationally I know this season shouldn't be evaluated in wins and losses. Michigan fans need to take their medecine and look forward to the future.

But irrationally, this sucks.

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“This Sucks”

  1. Anonymous A Spartan Says:

    Minor was not in bounds. The ref got the call 100% wrong. This game was not as close as the score showed. At least 6 points off of missed FGs as well should have been scored. I think Brett Swenson must have been kidnapped or something, because that was not him.

    I think the yardage does a much better job of telling how the game went.

    Better luck next year. Hopefully you'll improve enough to make the game more meaningful on both sides of the ball next year.

    And please never give up on beating those Scarlet and Gray bastards.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    The program is in worse shape than I thought. We'll have to fight to get to .500 next year, maybe reach 8-9 wins in 2010, and then hopefully contend for big things in 2011. I expect alot of fan and alumni pressure for offseason coaching changes; may see some positional coaches gone.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Hopefully you'll improve enough to make the game more meaningful on both sides of the ball next year?

    Yeah...uh, State has won like five times in the last twenty years? I think we will be alright. Enjoy your win. Both of these teams are god awful.

  4. Blogger Jeff Says:

    The minor touchdown WAS the correct call... believe it or not.

    If a player has possession of the football and touches the pilon coming from the field of play it is considered a touchdown.

    Odd call, something you don't see happen to often, but he had control while coming from the field of play and hit the pilon... therefore it was the right call.

    "The program is in worse shape than I thought. We'll have to fight to get to .500 next year, maybe reach 8-9 wins in 2010, and then hopefully contend for big things in 2011."

    If history shows us anything, we'll be just fine come next season. We're not playing horrible football, we just are putting it all together for an entire football game. We excute on both sides of the ball for a few series, than make a mistake here and there.

    When our offense executes, the ball moves right down the field. When our defense executes we get sacks and three and outs. From the start of the season to now, you're starting to see less of those execution mistakes.

    With the recurting class we have coming in, the youth and experience we're going to have on the offensive side of the ball, and the history that Rich Rod has with horrid first years... I expect to see a quick turn around.

  5. Anonymous A Spartan Says:

    The NCAA rule book clearly states that the original call was correct. Rule 4, Section 2, Article 1b says, "A player or an airborne player who touches a pylon is out of bounds."

    I'm seeing this all over the place right now. Minor jumped into the air, where he caught the ball, then, before anything else, had his foot hit the pylon. It would seem to me that with this rule that Minor was correctly rule OOB the first time.

  6. Anonymous tbliggins Says:

    A Spartan - I am just curious why you came over here and started talking about the bad call on the Minor TD. Paul clearly states that we got a gift on that call. Also, you won the game. So why is it even worth mentioning?

  7. Blogger The Original C Says:

    Guys, this class is not elite. Getting Big Will is not the lock that every one thinks it is. PLus who else is there, Jenkins, Bonds, Holloman? We are barely in the top 20, if we scrape a few 3 stars..its not gonna change things much. Rod has to prove that he can recruit by reeling in a top 10 class and for that to happen he has to get at least some of the kids i mentioned above.

    Negative recruiting will be at an all time high and the programs image has taken a severe beating..you know about the Detroit media already..etc.

    If we don;t get kids, we are then hanging our hats on developing "projects" and it will take 3-4 years to reach top 10 status.

    I would say getting a top 10 class should be equal if not slightly more of a priority than beating tOSU.

    And guys, look at OU, Stoops got in and took over a poor team, they installed the Airraid scheme which was totally drastic change and used converted DBs and RBs as WRS, plus they had a noodle armed guy JUCO at QB. Yet they doubled their O form the previous year. This is the closest example, and Rod was considered to be a better coach at this point in his career (Stoops was DC albeit an excellent one) things change form school to school etc but fact remains we are 2-6 and that is piss poor in whatever way you look at it!

    Hope Rod gets it done, but the start has been abysmal!

  8. Anonymous tbliggins Says:

    RE: OU

    Is that really a close example? Did he take over an offense that lost 9 starters (5 to the NFL)? Does the QB of the airraid scheme really need a strong arm? Why not look at RR's 1st 2 seasons at WVU? At least then you have some actual comparisons. I am not 100% confident that he will win 8-9 games next year. I do feel like there is a good chance for 8-9 wins and virtually no chance of another 3 win season.

  9. Anonymous A Spartan Says:

    I wouldn't say I'm complaining, just commenting on an incredibly bizarre call. I've never seen anything as weird as a booth overturning the field when the rules make it pretty clear the original call was correct.

    Just a weird, weird situation.

  10. Blogger The Original C Says:

    Tbliggins: WVU was never and will never be confused with OU or UofM, i was going to compare big name programs going through a severe transition.

    The point with Airraid was that they were breaking in a new QB, with scrubs as receiving options so yeah, also they scored just about 200 points or maybe slightly over 200 for the entire damn season when they went 5-6. Next year was above 500 and they scored 400 odd points. A O that scored 200 points the previous year in a totally different scheme cannot be construed as being good basis for a new scheme.

    Do you even for a moment think that RR started at WVU with the same talent that he inherited here.

    See i am not saying we should fire his ass, i am saying i expected more from him, certainly not 9-3 or 10-2, but also not the 2-6 suckfest! and all indications point to us pulling a ND 07.

  11. Blogger Tim Says:

    Original C, you realize how fucking stupid what you're saying is, right?

    Threet is a quarterback who was never really thought to be someone who would contribute until maybe a junior or senior campaign. He is getting thrown out there as a freshman.

    The offensive line is composed of one army all-american and a bunch of guys who were never expected to see the field (except maybe Molk, who was expected to contribute as a RS junior or senior). They are so bad, as a unit, that a defensive tackle has started along the offensive front this year.

    OU might have been changing offenses, not unlike Michigan, but regardless of who was the starting QB (note - it was a JuCo, which means he had AT LEAST two years of college ball under his belt at that point), Michigan has some of the least depth in their personnel of about any team in the country.

    It is fucking stupid to look at one position (QB) and say "oh, our QB should be about as good as theirs was, and therefore our offense should be approximately as good."

    Jesus fucking Christ, I can't get over how goddamned stupid that is.

  12. Blogger The Original C Says:

    Hey its your blog, whatever man. But Josh Heupel went to weber st for a year 97 and then went to snow CC in 98, so yeah valuable experience was gained, i guess. If you read my previous post an OL that helped score 200 points all season in one system cannot be said as world beaters. And they had no talent at WR and RB either. SO please read what i have said before pouncing on me.

    And please, if you think i am stupid and what you say is gospel, that's fine, but you can do away with the obscenities. You are not the only dedicated fan in the country and especially the most brightest one either.

  13. Blogger Tim Says:

    I don't think I'm spouting gospel, nor am I trying to be an asshole. However, what you said makes next to no sense.

    "Their OL scored only 200 points the previous year, and somehow when they returned 4 starters, they got a ton better." What a coincidence! Michigan returns one starter this year (in addition to losing 2+ starter-like people with remaining eligibility), so the situations are not analogous at all.

    Michigan lost the first pick in the NFL draft along the line, and returns one player with any realistic shot at making the NFL. That Oklahoma team lost 0 NFL players, and returned 4 starters, including a senior first-rounder.

    I'm not trying to pick on you, but your comparison is ridiculously dumb.

  14. Blogger penst8grad Says:

    Yes, this certainly sucks. I've had PSU fans riding my ass since the beginning of the season. Thank God I can remind them that they are only 1-9 for the last decade.

    It's funny that the only ones who know our pain and sympathize are ND fans. Yes, we are ND of 2007.

    I'm more hopeful than most I guess. I'm thinking Top-25 next year and Top-10 w/in 4. I look at what Saban has done at Bama and I have hope.

    I really thought I was going bowling this year, but I guess it will Outback next.

  15. Anonymous tbliggins Says:

    To answer your question OC - yes, I would believe that the talent level of what RR inherited at WVU and UM are pretty similar. All of our talent on offense this year is at skill positions. It is pretty tough to get anything out of them w/ an inconsistent QB and and a shoddy oline. What about this offense have you seen after 8 games makes you think they are more talented than whatever he had w/ WVU?