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Preview: Purdue Boilermakers

When I previewed Purdue in the summer, I didn't think they'd be a very good team this year. However, the depths of their fall have been a surprise even to me. With a new coach stepping up next year, are we witnessing the end of the "Purdue-as-midtier-team" era? It certainly seems like it. This game looks like Michigan's best chance to get another win by the end of the year, and injuries may play a key role in this weekend's matchup.

Purdue's offense under Joe Tiller has been characterized as "basketball on grass." The pass-happy spread attack made Tiller's career, and he has seen success in West Lafayette, though not so much in recent years. This year, the Purdue offense hasn't been very good. Throw in the fact that starting quarterback Curtis Painter is not expected to be available and it's bad new Boilers. By the way, the backup quarterback, Joey Elliott is out too. That leaves OLSM product Justin Siller, who moved back to QB from running back just a couple of weeks ago, to run the offense. Don't be surprised if there's tons of Kory Sheets in the gameplan Saturday.

The Boilermakers' defense hasn't been performing well, but they have faced a couple of pretty good offenses in Oregon (whom they held to only 32 points in two overtimes) and Central Michigan (whose production has fallen off slightly this year). Notre Dame managed to put up 38 on Purdue without the help of ridiculous field position, though the Irish did get a defensive touchdown. Regardless, the Wolverines are probably the most inept offense Purdue will face. The Boilers' talent level is low, however, Michigan should be able to put something together, particularly using the MINOR SMASH offense.

Purdue's offense is held under 250 yards.
Steven Threet doesn't throw an interception.
Michigan wins 23-10.

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“Preview: Purdue Boilermakers”

  1. Blogger J Money Says:

    Nobody at Purdue or in the know has called it "Basketball on Grass" since probably 1999 or 2000.

    But otherwise, you're right -- they're not very good.

  2. Anonymous jacques auef Says:

    A crappy Toledo beat UM at the big house. Purdue will find a way to beat UM. This team hasn't yet figured out to play and I doubt they will this week.

  3. Anonymous BrutusReport.com Says:

    Michigan is going to need to recruit a very good class and get their players to play at a very high level to quickly turn around the situation.