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Michigan State Textage

Paul: me: why did you go to state? her: i didn't want to write an essay
Tim: eye lasers
Paul: so it begins
Paul: yakety
Tim: sparty no
Tim: sparty no x2
Paul: brian hoyer always comes through. now we'll go 3 and out and miss the fg
Tim: I think he was down
Tim (post Minor receiving TD): really shitty call, but whatev
Paul: i take what i can get
Paul: msu fans are moving up the shitlist
Tim: yeah. they aren't even knowledgable, which is one of the few possible redeeming qualities. im not used to cocky AND stupid.
Tim: haha one of them just threw a punch and got kicked the fuck out
Paul: connor got into a scuffle... with an m fan.
Paul: mo t: hurt or dog house?
Tim: i think they're trying to establish something of a rotation
Tim: john thompson isn't sucking. what alternate reality have we been temporarily transported to?
Paul: 2 minute offense? what?
Tim: in the rare game that we dont score on our first drive, we are tied at half. might there be a little more offense in the tank?
Paul: so second half like wisco or like ill/psu?
Tim: give me somewhere in between and i might be satisfied
Paul: threet can run this offense
Tim: obvs
Paul: brandon graham hates qbs
Tim: Worst kicker in the state of michigan
Paul: evil msu fg hating god?
Tim: i wouldn't say evil if it's msu hating
Paul: evil michigan 3rd down hating god
Paul: sparty nothe offense is not inspiring... big play is needed... M needs field position
Tim (re: 3trd quarter music): does paralyzer win this vote if we aren't playing state? i think not
Tim: i was getting ready to tell you our 3rd down d leaves something to be desired. bg55 bailed it out
Paul: looks like he's playing for top end draft $$
Paul: impending doom...
Tim: yeah...
Paul: and... doom
Tim: so much fucking doom
Paul: DOOM!
Paul: btw... sparty bob infiltrated the pressbox
Tim: remember the days when only sheridan threw crippling interceptions?
Paul: ohhh last week... i remember thee well.

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“Michigan State Textage”