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Beilein's Philosophies

Beilein's main philosophy here incorporates elements of Princeton Offense, Swing Offense, and Triangle Offense.
Princeton Offense
Learn from Fraschilla! Part 2!
Swing Offense
More Swing Offense
Triangle Offense
Learn from Fraschilla!

The Princeton Offense is run by Princeton (duh) and Georgetown. Swing is known primarily as Wisconsin's offense. The triangle is famous for being the Phil Jackson philosophy that he ran with the Bulls and Lakers. Tommy Amaker's offense, by contrast was entitled "have Jerret Smith dribble around until a) he turns it over OR b) the shot clock gets below 10, at which time you frantically try to jack up an off-balance 3.

Beilein's WVU teams were known for their 1-3-1 zone defense, mixed in with some straight-up man.
Base 1-3-1 - Zone Pressure
1-3-1- Trap techniques

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“Beilein's Philosophies”