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Basketball Coach Welcome Rally Recap

Overview: Waste of time

Fun Bill Martin Pythagorean Theorem: A2 + B2 = C2 (Ann Arbor + Beilein, Borseth = Championship, Championship)

Number of raffles and lame contests: Approx. 15

Notably Absent: Ekpe Udoh

Mary Coleman's size as a proportion of Bill Martin: 1/2

Things said that have not been already mentioned at at least one press conference: 0

Number of recent Kevin Borseth recruiting trips to Virginia: 1

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“Basketball Coach Welcome Rally Recap”

  1. Blogger Wolverine Says:

    I actually asked one of the guys on the team, and he said that Udoh is home right now and that he is still on the team. I was kind of worried when I saw that, especially because they announced Merritt even though he wasn't there, but Ekpe Udoh is still on the team. We can all back away from the cliff ledges now.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    If I would've known Mary Sue was gonna be there I would've gone just to boo her. I can't stand her.