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Graham Brown: Future Tight End?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 by Tim

At least that's what a few NFL teams are thinking...

Who needs photoshop?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 by Tim

Clearly, not me.

Mallett Announces decision

by Tim

...and there is much rejoicing.

Hopefully he can get a few other big-name recruits to drop pretty soon, and really get the recruiting ball rolling. Hopefully, his lack of an emu-like appearance will give him an edge over Jimmy Clausen.

In other news, Brian at mgoblog came across some information that Mallett will be playing against Ben Roethlisberger's alma mater, Findlay high school, in Cincinnati on September 15th, in the hilariously-titled "Ohio vs. USA Kirk Herbstreit Challenge." Though it's the day before the Notre Dame game (and 5ish hours away from South Bend), I may just make it down there to watch the game. More updates coming as the time approaches.

Mallet to make decision this week

Monday, April 24, 2006 by Tim

Cue intense optimism/pessimism.

Spring Practice: Carlos Brown TD run

Monday, April 17, 2006 by Tim

Maybe I'll post a couple other clips later, but for now, I hope this clip will do. Notice that two defensive players let him run right by them.

#23 Carlos Brown Touchdown Run

Spring Practice Recap

by Tim

For, now, I'll just post a couple of my notes from the spring practice. Videos will come later if I ever get around to cutting them up.

1. I never ever ever want to see Johnny Sears Jr. as the deep man on the punt return team. He is really fast, but he managed to fumble two punts and a kickoff in just about as many tries.
2. Brandon Harrison looks really good. He was really laying the wood to some guys. If he hits his teammates this hard, I can only wait to see how hard he'll hit opponents. I hope this will be something that everyone on the defense starts to do.
3. LaTerryal Savoy also looks really good. He will probably be our tallest receiver, and he uses his body well. He made a great catch and lunge for the endzone on a pass from Jason Forcier during the scrimmage. It was a touchdown, but the ref didn't call it one. The assistant coaches came over and gave him a (good-natured) hard time about it.
4. Carlos Brown actually might be as fast as they say. He played a little quarterback as well, running the option with Mister Simpson. Don't buy the hype that he scored a legitimate long touchdown run - a couple linebackers let him get through so that fans would have something to cheer about.
5. Zoli Mesko might be my hero. The second biggest crowd reaction of the day came from a punt that he boomed for 60+ yards in the air (no wind). Kid has a huge leg, and I expect him to win 3-4 Heismen.
6. Alijah Bradley has got to be one of the hardest workers on the team. He laid out once for a beautiful reception that had the crowd going crazy. I anticipate he'll be a little more involved in the offense this year.
7. Adrian Arrington looked pretty good. He'll probably play the role of poessession receiver this year, though with a little more speed and a lot more height than Avant. I predict he'll start opposite Manningham.
8. Carson Butler didn't look so great. He dropped a couple easy passes, so he'll have to develop those hands a little bit. He also almost took me out once as he got pushed out of bounds.
9. Garret Rivas did nothing to allay the fears of fans. He missed a chip-shot field goal, which I expect he'll do a lot of this year, unless the offense is actually able to put the ball into the endzone.
10. The starters didn't get a whole lot of reps, but Breaston did manage to drop a deep-ish ball from Henne. Awesome! He needs to be used as a receiver that is found in space, then creates something himself.
11. Mark Bihl's right pant leg was covered in blood. I have no idea why.
12. Brandon Graham (who will arrive in the fall) is nowhere near 270 pounds, fear not.

A real quick basketball thing

by Tim

Note: For this article, I searched high and wide for a picture of Kendric Price in which he looks to weigh no more than 90 pounds. I couldn't find an adequate one, so use your memory and/or imaginationfor me.

I know when he's sitting on the end of the bench inhis khakis and polo shirt, Kendric Price looks like he's about 90 pounds (this is where the hilarious picture would have been linked), but I recently came to the realization that this is not true.

Last Monday (a week ago today), I played basketball at the IM building. There were some varsity guys there playing a pretty heated game. Players there were: Graham Brown, Kendric Price, Jevhon Sheperd, Jerret Smith, Alex Brzozowicz, Troy Sanchez, and Ron Coleman. They were playing with 3 other guys who were actually pretty decent, but that's beside the point.

Kendric Price was playing without a shirt on, and that dude is actually fairly ripped. Although he looks tiny on the sidelines, he's actually pretty muscular. The thing that fools people is his tiny hips (which means he doesn't have much of a frame to pack on a whole lot more weight). He can't have much more than a 28-inch waist, but taking that into account, he's actually really muscular.

That was my pretty much pointless update on basketball.

Long time no post

Saturday, April 15, 2006 by Tim

Since I've been busy lately, and there isn't a whole lot going on, it's been a while since I've posted. My apologies. Spring prectice was today, among a couple other things that I plan to post about, so stay tuned. If I'm feeling generous, I might throw up a video or two from spring practice.

The Battle of the Big House Rages on. OR: How I learned to stop worrying and love the boxes.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006 by Tim

Recently, there has been an uproar of sorts in the Michigan community about the proposed addition of skyboxes to Michigan Stadium. Why this has suddenly become a big deal now, rather than when renovations were announced, is beyond me. Regardless, here are links to a couple of articles explaining the new debate.

Michigan Daily
Daily editorial supporting letter
Ann Arbor News
AAN editorial supporting skyboxes

First things first, let me say that, in the beginning, I was adamantly opposed to skyboxes. The Michigan tradition, etc. and so on. However, my opinion on the matter changed (and fairly quickly). However, my reasons for supporting the new construction are not the same as those from the AAN editorial, but rather THE EXACT opposite of the reasons that the writers of the letter (and the idiots at the Daily) oppose it.

Lee Bollinger, I respect you for having a keg party after we beat Penn State while you were president of the University, but you are just dead wrong on this issue. For those of you too lazy to click on the link(s), the general argument raised by this group is that building pressboxes will essentially separate bourgeoisie from proletariat fans (yes, it's all about the left-wing politics here).

Allow me to raise a counter-argument here. The two groups are already separated. The alumni and wealthy donators are the only ones who can afford to sit within the 25-yeard lines, much less right on the fifty. Aside from the student section, I'd be willing to wager that the seating arrangements throughout the bowl of Michigan Stadium are already pretty much arranged by wealth.

Since the alumni feel the need to have great seats, in addition to making sure that they are not contributing to the noise level in the stadium (one of my pet peeves, in case you haven't noticed), we might as well get them the hell out of the main bowl, and give their seats to the next in line in class status, making more availability for the fans with less monetary means.

Ever the pragmatist, I support essentially any reasonable measure to increase the noise level in the stadium. Building skyboxes will help this situation in two ways, by getting the silent old rich people out of a spot where they could be helping the atmoshpere by making noise, as well as increasing the angle at which the stadium rises, trapping more sound (though I doubt this effect would be very significant).

While the counterargument of funding is indeed a great point supporting the skyboxes, it is certainly not the only one. However, if that argument is what it takes to get this project approved, theen I'm all for it. (But why does the second most profitable athletic department in the country need more monetary assistance?)


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