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A real quick basketball thing

Note: For this article, I searched high and wide for a picture of Kendric Price in which he looks to weigh no more than 90 pounds. I couldn't find an adequate one, so use your memory and/or imaginationfor me.

I know when he's sitting on the end of the bench inhis khakis and polo shirt, Kendric Price looks like he's about 90 pounds (this is where the hilarious picture would have been linked), but I recently came to the realization that this is not true.

Last Monday (a week ago today), I played basketball at the IM building. There were some varsity guys there playing a pretty heated game. Players there were: Graham Brown, Kendric Price, Jevhon Sheperd, Jerret Smith, Alex Brzozowicz, Troy Sanchez, and Ron Coleman. They were playing with 3 other guys who were actually pretty decent, but that's beside the point.

Kendric Price was playing without a shirt on, and that dude is actually fairly ripped. Although he looks tiny on the sidelines, he's actually pretty muscular. The thing that fools people is his tiny hips (which means he doesn't have much of a frame to pack on a whole lot more weight). He can't have much more than a 28-inch waist, but taking that into account, he's actually really muscular.

That was my pretty much pointless update on basketball.

“A real quick basketball thing”