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Happiness Comes Back to Saturday

Tim bought tickets for the Duke game on a whim earlier this year. Before the season started, we figured it would at least be a big game with national coverage. After the UCLA game, it started to look like it might be winnable. After the first Duke game, we figured the team could at least make a game of it.

I haven't been to that many basketball games, but this was the best crowd I have ever seen at Crisler. There were times that it was absolutely ready to explode, but it rarely got to that next, euphoric level. There was a Novak three point attempt that just rimmed out, a Manny Harris missed dunk (which was a horrible no call), and a lot of other times Duke was able to come down and get a big basket. I know Tim and I felt impending doom, and it seemed like the crowd as a whole had that feeling. We all wanted to believe, but Michigan could never pull away and Duke kept hitting big shots.

What I thought really showed that this team has really gotten to the "next level" was the start of the second half. Duke went on a run and there were a 3 or 4 calls that went against Michigan (not all of them "bad" calls, but rather calls that could reasonably be no-calls). Duke got a bit of a lead and the "here we go again" feeling started setting in. Then, Michigan went on their own run. Novak hit a monster three-pointer from both corners, and Manny was able to knife through Duke's defense and get to the basket. Suddenly Michigan was up 5 or so. Watching the Maryland game, I kept thinking that all they needed was a basket, stop and a basket to have a chance at winning that game. They weren't able to do that, but at home, against Duke, they pulled together and stopped the run and put together one of their own. Duke didn't seem to play particularly poorly either. They ran their offense efficiently and looked decent on defense.

A few random things:
  • Manny Harris can't be stopped. He seems to be able to get to the basket at will, regardless of who he's playing against.
  • DeShawn Simms was on fire in the first half and came up with some big offensive rebounds in the second half.
  • Zack Novak is quickly becoming one of my favorite players. He is absolutely fearless shooting the ball.
  • Did Anthony Wright even take a shot? Weird...
  • I feel comfortable with Kelvin Grady breaking any press that's thrown at him. He has great speed and some nice moves. He just needs to finish more consistently. He was clutch at the end.
  • Rushing the court at the end of the game is completely acceptable. Tim and I didn't participate (we were in the nosebleeds), but this is one of the biggest wins in the post-sanctions era.
  • I wish I could have heard the interview between Bilas and Beilein. Awkward! The shot was absolutely awesome with Beilein in front of a bunch of crazy fans. Maybe this is a result of blogging, but our first thought was "this will be awesome for recruiting"

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“Happiness Comes Back to Saturday”

  1. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    I was there in the nosebleeds too

  2. Anonymous Amy Winehouse's crack dealer Says:

    I wasn't there. And I missed the god damn game. I knew it was on but got caught up with something else and totally forgot. I was very excited when I later learned UM won. What a great victory over those cock sucking Dookie eating Blue blow hards from Durham.

  3. Blogger Kory Says:

    Can we use the basketball's season thus far as a preface to the 2009 football season? The basketball team was coming off the most losses in u of m history, just like the football team this year, and now has two wins over two top-5 opponents in 3 weeks. What a difference a year makes when your players can adjust to the system and you get some of your own recruits.