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Michigan Elections

It's the one day every four years where America decides who will be the Chief Executive of our country for the next term. In that spirit, let's decide on a few things in the realm of Michigan football. Leave your ballots in the comments section, with justifications for your choices if you so desire.

The player that you think is the best leader on the team. This may not be the same as your secretary choices.

Secretary of Defense
The Defensive MVP of the team at this point in the season.

Secretary of Offense
The Offensive MVP of the team at this point in the season.

Secretary of the Interior
My lame attempt at a Terrance Taylor joke.

Most Deserving of Impeachment
The one coach that you think Michigan absolutely needs to get rid of, ASAP.

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“Michigan Elections”

  1. Anonymous Dave110 Says:

    President: Brandon Minor/Zoltan Mesko
    Sec-O: Martavious Odoms
    Sec-D: Brandon Graham
    Impeach: Tony Gibson

  2. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    President: Terrance Taylor. Halftime vs. Wisconsin. That is all.

    Secretary of Defense: Brandon Graham. Aside from a few gaffes, namely guaranteeing a win against Little Brother (an honestly, what politician doesn't have a couple of those) he's the man, and can fire up the team with a big play.

    Secretary of Offense: Brandon Minor, he's been running with desire and blocking with fire.

    Impeach Stevie Brown. While not -as- terrible as everyone says, I certainly would vote against 'four more years'.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    President: Terrence Taylor. He is vocal and leads the team by example as well as with his pride and passion for Michigan football. My favorite player on this very forgetable team.

    Sec of Defense: Brandon Graham: He brings the pain and is the best talent on the team, without a doubt.

    Sec of Offense: Steve Threet. He may not be the greatest in history, but he is the best we've got and he is a good kid who gives it his best shot day in and day out.

    Impeachement: the Defensive position coaches Rich brought over from WVU, they stunk there, they undermine Shafer here and they really have done nothing but miss on almost all defensive recruits they have targeted.

  4. Blogger Nick Says:

    President: Zoltan Mesko (it'll be an outrage if he doesn't win the Ray Guy Award)

    Secretary of Defense: Brandan Graham (the only guy who shows up week in and week out)

    Secretary of Offense: Brandon Minor (no one's been hotter down the stretch on the offense)

    Most Deserving of Impeachment: Scott Schafer has got to go, go, go. God, just fire his ass already and bring back Ron English. At least he got the players fired up from the sideline.

  5. Blogger kowisja Says:

    President - Brandon Graham

    Secretary of Defense - Mouton for getting Panter and Evans off the field... More realistically, Terrance Taylor.

    Secretary of Offense - Minor

    Secretary of Interior - Nick Sheridan. Everytime he hits the field I empty my interior (stomach) or breaks my interior (heart/hope).

    Impeach - Steven Threet's treacherous elbow.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Prez: Steve Threet
    Sec of Def: Brandon Graham
    Sec of Off: Sam McGuffie
    Impeach: Schafer

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Pres: Minor
    SEC-O: Minor
    Sec-D: Ezeh
    Interior: Mike Martin (glad to have him for 3 more years!)
    Impeach Schafer

  8. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    president: mesko. obviously

    sec-o: minor. only player on the team who breaks tackles

    sec-d: graham. please stick around to teach roh and lalota

    interior: mike martin. Thank God for a consistently successful freshman

    impeachment: The morgan trent/stevie brown ticket. Looking back we are not sure how trent got a starting job the same way were not sure how Bush got elected. And in Stevie Brown we have a reckless guy who shoots our team in the foot like Cheney shoots his friends in the face.

  9. Anonymous santoro Says:

    Prez/Emperor: Zoltan

    Sec of Def: Brandon Graham

    Sec of Off: Sam McGuffie

    Sec of Int: Mike Martin

    Impeach: Schafer and his entire cabinent

  10. Anonymous Matt s Says:

    President- Mesko
    Defense- Graham
    Offense- Minor
    Interior- Taylor
    Impeachment- Shaffer