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It Never Comes When You Expect It

Michigan made a huge mistake in hiring Rich Rod. The season only get worse.
Minnesota-28 Michigan-7
Minnesota has a very tough defense and an offense that can really move the ball through the air. They'll beat Michigan by at least 14. Michigan is steamrolling towards 2-10.

Hail to this year's fraudulent Wolverines! U of M alums will shun each of you forever! Learn to pour some coffee because that's the job you'll get on graduation! 2 and 10!
This Rod hire looks worse every week, he is infamous for his arrogance and failure to make adjustments. Chances are his tenure at Michigan will be a failure. Whether the players fit his system or not, there is no reason for the ineptitude his Michigan team has displayed this season. Good coaches learn to adapt.
I agree. R Rod's master plan is to sacrifice this year's team and make it go 2-10, so he can claim what terrible team he inherited from Lloyd Carr. This will set the expectations way low for future years. That way, when he does finally have a winning record, say 7-5, he hopes to be praised for what genius he is. In the end, RR will turn Michigan into another Purdue. Few decent years followed by "rebuilding" year, followed by few decent years, and then so on. Don't expect another National Championship with him.

Various outlets are reporting that Rich Rodriguez has called Steven Threet "very, very questionable" for Saturday's game against Minnesota. Justin Feagin has been moved back to QB to back up Nick Sheridan. If that sentence doesn't fill your veins with icy dread, I don't know what will. Who knows, maybe Sheridan will be lost for the season and Feagin will go nuts on the Gophers, a la Justin Siller against Michigan? (Source)

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“It Never Comes When You Expect It”

  1. Blogger Griffin Fraley Says:

    Well done, sir. Well done!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Very well played.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    its ridiculous how slow our team looked in that clip.