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Being bad isn't fun

Two days after I try to stand up for the defense, they get lit up like a Christmas tree. Michigan's opponent is practically guaranteed to win the Pontiac game-changing performance. A bowl game is officially out of reach.

It stinks.

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“Being bad isn't fun”

  1. Blogger Jeff Says:

    Next game, make a huge post about how the Defense is horrible and the worst thing we've seen in 40 years...

    Then they'll get a shut out.

  2. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    Let's try and keep things in the best perspective possible. How about compare the amount of experience on this Michigan team has with playing time relative to Michigan team's in the past. Conclusions so far to be positive. Tay Odoms has a good future. Threet is becoming a better leader. Brandon Minor is looking better. The offensive line will be better because they take time to develop and as a unit they will be back. Defensively it sounds like Butler has potential as a DE. Cissoko very well could emerge in Trent's spot next year. Brandon Smith is an Army All-American competing for safety time also. Let's keep our heads up. Commenter RJ

  3. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    Michael Crabtree rules!!!

  4. Anonymous tater Says:

    Really, if a program aspires to compete for championships, 0-12 is no worse than 8-4; because both represent failure. I would rather see them be bad in a transition year with the chance of being truly elite than sit through another 8-4 or 9-3 season, knowing that the same thing was going to happen every year.

    RR gives them a chance at the National Championship down the road; all the old system gave them was a chance to get hammered by USC and hear their players tell the press how they "knew what UM was going to run before they ran it."

    Michigan was going nowhere with the old system, unless you consider 3.5 losses a year to be a destination. At least they have a chance of being better now.

    Have faith, fellow UM fans. It will get better soon. And they will finally be able to beat O$U again.

  5. Blogger penst8grad Says:

    I agree with tater, but the secondary has not been good since Woodson left. They are always bad and only look mediocre when there is a good D-line.

    THAT needs to become a recruiting priority.

    One thing I find puzzling about tater's comment though. Since the apparent plan is to throw Threet on the scrap heap after this season, who cares what kind of leader he is.

  6. Blogger Tim Says:


    I agree with you on sacrificing the now for the good of future teams. That doesn't make this year much more enjoyable, though.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I disagree with Mighigan always being weak at DB...its seems they always have at least one stud and one younger future stud playing ever since Woodson ie Marlin Jackson, Leon Hall. Hopefully Warren learns how NOT to play corner by watching the 10-12 yard cushion Trent gives every play...

  8. Blogger Tim Says:

    Yes, because Trent is giving that cushion because he fucking feels like it, not because it's what he's coached to do on a given play.

  9. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    Hey Tim, how do you like that 3-3-5 stack D?? I know, let's wait until the 9th game of the season, and then we will put it in, yeah, that's what we should do. I like Rod, but that was his fucking choice, not SS's. That D will not work in the Big Ten. I originally took comfort in the fact that at least we were running a 4-3, now what do I got??