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2009 Recruiting Update 11-28-08

The Board.

Moved to Committed:
FL S Vladimir Emilien.

New Information:
MD RB/Ath Tavon Austin. I was about ready to remove him, but not it looks like he'll visit December 12th.
AZ OL Taylor Lewan. Visited Minnesota this past weekend. Maybe helping Michigan in this one: the Gophers just lost their OL coach.
MI DT William Campbell. Bama-related mention.
IN LB Commit Jordan Barnes. Same as above (link the same as well).
FL LB Commit Brandin Hawthorne. Visiting Pitt this weekend (info in header).
OH CB Commit Justin Turner. Not losing faith in Michigan.

FL S Jonathan Scott. No apparent interest.
SC S DJ Swearinger. South Carolina commit.

UNC CB Commit Josh Hunter intends to visit Ann Arbor. I had been ready to eliminate OH OL Marcus Hall, because he had been naming a top group without us, but now it looks like he's planning a Michigan visit. I still think the Wolverines don't stand a chance, but he'll remain on the board until they're officially eliminated. GA WR Jamal Patterson remains "100% committed" to Stanford.

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“2009 Recruiting Update 11-28-08”