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Recruiting Update

The board holds all the info. There should be another recruiting update later this week.

Moved to Committed:
2010 WR Jeremy Jackson, on the invisible (for now) 2010 board. The board should go live within the next couple days.

New Information:
SC OL Quinton Washington. He seemed to really enjoy his Michigan visit, and felt wanted. Said similar stuff to Sam Webb.
GA TE Terrell Mitchell. Some stuff on official visit scheduling. Should he be teetering close to removal?
SC DE Chris Bonds. Michigan may be on the outside looking in for his 5th visit.
MD LB Jelani Jenkins. Bill Kurelic words his article in a weird way:
Although Jenkins prefers not to name any particular schools of interest, some thought to be in the running include: Penn State, USC, Stanford, Miami, Notre Dame, Florida, LSU and Virginia. However when asked about the Big Ten, Jenkins also mentioned Michigan and Michigan State -- and Illinois can't be ruled out.
He is making it sound like Michigan, Michigan State, and Illinois are afterthoughts. Is he being intentionally misleading (he is a Buckeye, after all), or just stupid (he is a Buckeye, after all)? Fluff regarding his family support in the recruiting process. We have video from his ESPN2 game, but we'll save it for the next recruiting update.

OK RB David Oku. Apparently, he has committed to Tennessee. With our RB numbers filling up, we weren't likely to land him anyway.
NJ DB Nyshier Oliver. Notre Dame commit.
FL TE Orson Charles. Enjoyed a Georgia visit so much, they are now his co-leader with Miami. Florida and Florida State are his second tier. It appears as though those are his final group, so he is removed.

Allen Trieu/Sam Webb bring a new set of instate 2009 rankings. Big Will #1, Teric #6. State QB commit Andrew Maxwell is somehow #4, though I've seen him play this year and he was terrible.

Other 2010 News:
FL S Marvin Robinson. Michigan is the favorite (perhaps prohibitive?) for the bigtime safety. Duh.
A question for all: once the 2010 board debuts, should 2010 recruiting updates be rolled in with the standard 2009 updates, or have their own dedicated posts?

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“Recruiting Update”

  1. Blogger Joe Cullen Drive-Bye Says:

    I don't see why you wouldn't want to have both 2009 and 10 together. If you want to hear about the 09 class I'm sure the same people want to hear about the 2010 class as well.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Agreed. Keep them combined until February when the 2009 class shakes out. These updates are the shizz. Keep up the great work VB.

  3. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    Yes, agreed. And in a preemptive strike, move BMcNeal to uncommitted. Damn coward. Sure, Minny is gonna really give you the chance to be a winner.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Did McNeal de-commit or something? I am actually pretty sure he will at some point. Our offense hasn't shwon the ability to make a WR a standout by featuring him. I could see him jumping ship. I would rather have Jenkins and some linemen over some kid who has been wishy washy about coming here anyway I guess.

  5. Anonymous Obes Says:

    i don't think he'll de-commit so i wouldn't move him to un-committed unless he does

  6. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    No, he hasn't. But taking Tim's?, or was it Paul, advice, I'm just pissed at the inconsistency shown on the field. So there is 'chatter' and an article that sources friends, saying he is looking around. Rivals has moved him to a soft, and he was at a Minny practice, I believe, as an unofficial visitor. I am sure that in comparing his experience at the Big House to the Whatever they are currently calling Minny's home, UM will get this kid. But he was told weeks ago that taking visits could be detrimental to his coming to UM, and with that, he has possibly now decided to take them anyways. UM can't lose a recruit to Minny, can they??

  7. Blogger Bob Says:

    With 2009 class filling up, and it seems 2010 is taking off, I would keep the together. Just my $.02. Thanks for the good work!