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Is More Good 2010 News on the Way?

After Ricardo Miller gave his pledge to Michigan a couple days ago, fans were understandably surprised that a 2010 prospect would be giving a commitment so soon. However, Ricardo is on pace to be one of the top 2010 prospects, and the great start to a recruiting class.

Allow me to disclaim that I flatly refuse to stalk prospects on social networking websites, but when a lot of people bring something to my attention, I will post about it if I find the information to be relevant.

The Myspace page for Florida's Marvin Robinson indicates that he is soon to commit to the Michigan Wolverines. His older brother (sorry the name escapes me right now. James something? Scott maybe?), who plays for a JuCo in Iowa, has a message on his page stating that when his brother goes to Michigan, he will end up a Wolverine as well. Things look good on the Marvin Robinson front, even if they don't happen as soon as the Myspace postings make it seem. On Buckeye Planet, unionfutura (an established OSU insider of some sort) has the following to say about Marvin:
per his request we've stopped recruiting him.
This is a good thing, indicating that he is soon to commit (Ohio state was among his top teams as well).

In other news, several people have let me know that Jeremy Jackson (son of Fred Jackson) has put a message on his Facebook page indicating that he has committed to the Michigan Wolverines. Again, take this for what it's worth.

Social networking sites are not foolproof indicators of recruiting news, but there is certainly something to be said for hearing information directly from the horse's mouth. Take this all for what it's worth. If nothing else, it certainly means Michigan is in good shape for these guys.

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“Is More Good 2010 News on the Way?”

  1. Anonymous West Texas Blue Says:

    It's official, per Scout. Jeremy Jackson commits.