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Jeremy Jackson Goes Blue

I love being right.

After Florida's Ricardo Miller jumped on board, it didn't take long for Michigan's 2010 recruiting to get rolling. Fellow WR Jeremy Jackson, the son of Michigan running backs coach Fred Jackson, has also committed to sign with the Wolverines in February 2010. Jackson is a 6-3, 180-lb wideout from Ann Arbor Huron High School.

Recruiting Notes
Jackson has obviously been aware of the Wolverines for a long time. His father has been an assistant at Michigan since Jeremy was born, and Jeremy has been attending Michigan games as long as he can remember. Jeremy has attended more practices, spring games, and games than probably any other commitment in the history of recruiting, certainly at Michigan. Jeremy said early in the recruiting process that, despite his interest in and familiarity with Michigan, he would like to take several other trips, including to Florida and Texas. Despite his interest elsewhere, it was clear that he would always have a place at Michigan. At Michigan's 2008 summer camp, he bonded with Ricardo Miller and Marvin Robinson, both of whom were also interested in Michigan. Following Miller's commitment, Jackson decided he wanted to spend his college days with his friend in Ann Arbor, and pulled the trigger for Michigan.

Player Notes
Jackson is a tall, leaping, deep-threat type receiver, though he lacks elite speed. He has good hands, prompting some to call him "a taller Jason Avant." Considering Jason Avant made the NFL despite slightly sub-optimal size for a possession receiver, it is easy to see why the coaches are excited about Jackson (also, one of them is his dad. Pretty easy for Fred to be excited). Being a gritty coach of a son (can we even say that about a guy who's not white?) also means he is probably pretty polished without tons of college coaching, and the fact that Fred has coached WRs in the past (at Purdue, South Carolina, and Navy) means that his coaching probably helped Jeremy a lot.

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“Jeremy Jackson Goes Blue”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Welcome Jeremy, what a great couple of weeks it has been recruit-wise. The team is maturing, we are already pulling in student athletes for next years class, it looks like at least one more is not that far off, ah yes, times they are good. Hot damn I love Michigan football. Congrats Jeremy, will be nice to see you on the official roster sometime in 2010.

    Go Blue!

  2. Blogger Benjamin Says:

    What a great last two weeks it's been to be a wolverine. Recruits, huge win over wisconsin. Hopefully bringing in these two highly touted '10 recruits and prob robinson pushes along big will and LB jenkins.

  3. Blogger kowisja Says:

    Being a gritty coach of a son [...] also means he is probably pretty polished without tons of college coaching, and the fact that Fred has coached WRs in the past [...] means that his coaching probably helped Jeremy a lot.

    There's something wrong with this sentence. Someone was thinking about the joke in the parentheses and not the cliche they were using. But I guess the good news is we're recruiting Fred Jackson?

  4. Anonymous Jorel Says:

    Maybe Jason Carr saw more games. I'm just sayin'.

  5. Blogger Thunder Says:

    Ah, yes. Congratulations on "being right." You must feel so powerful, having relayed what the person said on their social networking site. What incredible intuition you have.

  6. Blogger Tim Says:


    I don't see anything wrong with that sentence. It says Fred used to coach WRs, and Jeremy benefitted from said coaching.


    Lloyd was at Illinois when Jason Carr was young. Fred Jackson has been at Michigan since Jeremy has existed.

  7. Blogger Paul Says:

    Considering the last recruit to make an unofficial social networking site didn't actually end up officially committing for a couple weeks (Bryce McNeal).

    He linked to the post where he said social networking sites were pointing in favor of a UofM commit. Tim didn't try to keep it secret where the initial information came from.

  8. Blogger Thunder Says:

    Exactly. It's like saying, "Yep, I'm right about something that I read somewhere." Congratulations, you can read! It's like Chris Mortensen patting himself on the back for reporting something that a GM told him.

  9. Anonymous Obes Says:

    jeez thunder did tim steal your GF or something?

  10. Blogger kowisja Says:

    I read it as the gritty coach (who has a son) won't need as much college coaching. That blows my mind.

  11. Blogger Tim Says:

    Oh, I said coach of a son, not son of a coach. Darn.

  12. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    Thunder, it's not the responsibility of a blogger/writer/reporter to make the news. They have to discern what's credible and what isn't, then make a judgment on what to report. Tim made the right call.
    What's your deal?

    I hear douching will help get that sand out of your vagina.

  13. Blogger Thunder Says:

    All he said was, "Jeremy Jackson's Facebook status says ____________."

    Then he patted himself on the back for being right.

    That's like saying, "The sun is out today" when the sun is, in fact, blazing in the sky...and then saying, "I told you so." Whoop-de-doo.