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The Grand Unveiling: 2010 Recruiting Board

As I've mentioned before, I wasn't planning on debuting the 2010 recruiting board until after the 2008 season, so I could focus on both this season and the 2009 recruiting class before I started worrying about recruiting for next year. However, with two commits already dropping, and a third likely to drop soon (I won't say who, but it should be pretty obvious), I thought it might be about time to release our mewling babe into the wild.

The 2010 class if off to a great start, with two players already committed who project to 4-stars-plus, and at least one of whom (Ricardo Miller) has thrown himself headfirst into assisting with the recruiting effort for 2010. Another top recruit is expected to drop soon (I won't say names, but it should be obvious), which means great things for the future of Michigan football.

On to the board. This started as an accumulation of names that I thought might be likely Michigan targets, continued with a very early top 100 for the class of 2010, and was expanded with the help of Allen Trieu of GoBlueWolverine, the always-exceptional Jim Stefani, and Luke Stampini of SoFlaFootball. As more potential recruits emerged, they were added to the board.

In case you aren't familiar with how the Varsity Blue recruiting boards operate, let me spell it out for you. Once you reach the board, I encourage everyone to register for a login at the bottom of the page (if you've already made one for the 2009 recruiting board, you can use the same information), and you can comment on prospects, and even share articles about certain players in that individual's comments section. Users who prove themselves to be reliable are eligible to be promoted to moderator status, in which they can add videos and information to the main body of a recruit's page.

In case you were wondering how expansive the effort was, this board started with slightly more than 100 names, and has gone through several expansions. Its recent peak was a grand total of 274 prospects. Using my judgment and the information that has been available thus far, the board has been trimmed to 202 juniors of interest. It is these juniors that currently grace the board, though additions and subtractions are undoubtedly on the way.

Without further ado, I present the Varsity Blue 2010 Recruiting Board.

Stay tuned to Varsity Blue for updates on the 2010 recruiting class, and remember that you can always check back for the 2009 recruiting class as well. Thanks, and Go Blue!

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“The Grand Unveiling: 2010 Recruiting Board”

  1. Anonymous Jacques Auef Says:

    Good stuff Tim!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Fuck yeah! I love this place. Feels like home.

    Go Blue!

  3. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    You should be flattered, Tim. On the free boards on Scout, they are referencing your star ratings for these 2010 recruits, and not one person has questioned it. You are now officially the man!!! Way to go. Maybe Beav should put you on the payroll.

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