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2009 Recruiting Update 10-10-08

The Board lives here. Going against the requests of commenters, I'm going to split up 2009 and 2010 updates for now. I think the main fear was that I would be giving less information as a result, but I think it will allow me to give more information on each class.

New Information:
MD RB Tavon Austin. Sets the state rushing record.
MN WR Commit Bryce McNeal. Planning to take visits elsewhere. This includes Florida (info in headers). His commitment appears to be soft, so keep an eye on him.
OH OL Marcus Hall. Selected for the Army Game. Michigan is likely on the outside looking in at his recruitment, however.
MD DE Jason Ankrah. Enjoyed Michigan visit.
MD LB Jelani Jenkins. Fluff relating to the ESPN2 game last week.
GA S/QB Donavan Tate. Plans on officially visiting Michigan. Odds of his choosing football over baseball are still pretty slim.
MD CB Travis Hawkins. Standard post-visit positivity towards Michigan (info in header). Similar vibes here (link same as above).
FL CB Angelo Hadley. Michigan is in his final four.

VA DE Will Hill. He is down to a final group that does not include Michigan, after canceling a UM visit last weekend.

Is that a potential walk-on I'm sensing?

Very Maryland-centric update today. Hawkins and Ankrah both seemed to really dig the Ann Arbor experience. Bryce McNeal's softening of commit status is somewhat troubling, though I still expect that he ends up in blue.

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“2009 Recruiting Update 10-10-08”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I think you need to move Gordon to committed.