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Sit Back and Reflect

In yesterday's Unverified Voracity, Brian mentioned that the mass media will com up with a message that they want to write about, and then write their article about that whether or not the circumstances are true. For example, he said that the media would assume that fans would criticize Rodriguez's playcalling, and wrote their articles regardless of whether that was true or not.

Another annoying instance of this I've run across is the assumption that Michigan fans think the sky is falling down. With an upset against a far inferior team, among the worst that Michigan will play this year, fans clearly think that Michigan will struggle to win a single game this year...

...except that's not at all what Michigan fans are saying. Those who have a clue (which is, thankfully and surprisingly, a majority) realize that Utah might be the best non-Ohio State team (and certainly among them) that the Wolverines will face in 2008, and have set expectations accordingly. Sure, people are disappointed in the play of the offense, but nearly everyone I've talked to has been encouraged by the play of the defense in the second half, and thinks that the offense can only improve with Steven Threet the man in charge. The most negative article I've seen was Brian's game column.

So, mass media, don't make assumptions about fan perception and write your articles from your assumptions: you might want to take into account, you know, the truth.

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“Sit Back and Reflect”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Yea, we still need to figure out how good Utah is. If Utah is a top 15 team by season end then we are in fine shape. If Utah is dog shit then we, of course, are worse than dog shit. I just hope this doesn't kill our recruiting and open us up for scalping from little brother and/or a decade of o$u dominance... Change over or not we still need to win games.

  2. Blogger chitownblue Says:

    Amen, comrades.