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Programming Update

The "Inside the Play" feature for this week will be slightly delayed because we're having trouble getting the video together. It will probably make its grand appearance on Saturday (or even Sunday). Sorry about that, and I'll try to avoid a situation like that happening in future weeks.

This afternoon, Paul will post the podcast, in which I talked to Dan Kukla of The Miami Student. Maybe it will assuage a few fears about this weekend's games.

Also, Coach Rodriguez announced at his press conference yesterday afternoon that the Taylor Hill transfer is indeed going to happen. Also reported is that Marcus Witherspoon will not join the team this year (or ever). Eligibility Chart updated accordingly.

Ed. Note: I think there are only 19 scholarships available so far, but math tells me 20. Am I missing on somewhere (nested note: I'm not counting Sheridan or Lopata, et al, who will have renewal on a by-year basis).

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“Programming Update”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    If WE did something to fuck up the Spoon ordeal and missed out on a great kid and possibly a great player, consider me pissed. RR just dropped a few pegs in my book.

  2. Blogger Jeff Says:

    You shouldn't assume that we have all the information yet. I would have to guess that Rodriguez can look at our depth chart and realize that we need a 4* linebacker. I wouldn't drop him "a few pegs" just yet.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Do notice the first word of my comment was "IF"

  4. Anonymous Cedrick Says:

    it might be more of an issue with Spoon than with Michigan. his pa is angry but he's not telling the whole truth. Not saying he's lying but that he's leaving certain things out.

  5. Blogger chitownblue Says:

    IF Barack Obama supports the turnover of our national wealth to Islamist fundamentalists, it will hurt our country. Obama just dropped a few pegs in my book.

    Note, I said "IF".

  6. Blogger Tim Says:

    If this were EDSBS Live, chitownblue would be getting a fuckin' siren right now.