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Instant Reaction: Wisconsin

This is a collection of text messages I sent to Tim during the game. They are in chronological order:
  • so notre dames defense is really bad then...
  • i thought that was nfl only. uconn showed thats completely legit (this is about the fair catch call)
  • yakety sax
  • :(
  • sheridan eta (I didn't want this, but I am surprised that the staff stuck with Threet all game. Our starter ladies and gentlemen)
  • that was a sheridan-esque pick to end the half
  • guess what richrod is asking for christmas (the answer is an offensive line)
  • games i needed to be drunker for:
  • i think the 2010 board may need to debut this week to prevent mass suicide
  • chocolate milk power?
After that, it became a game and the phone stayed in the pocket. For most of the year, the team has looked as though it gets stronger in the second half and even into the fourth quarter. This game should difinitively prove that Michigan is officially a second half teaml, which for anyone who watched the 2005 seaon, is a welcome change.

This has been seen a lot and posted here more than once, but it bears repeating. You go twelve rounds...

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“Instant Reaction: Wisconsin”

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    to the victors