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Blogpoll Final Ballot: Week 1

1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal 2
3 Florida 1
4 Georgia 1
5 Oklahoma --
6 Texas 3
7 LSU 3
8 West Virginia --
9 Wisconsin 2
10 Penn State 3
11 Missouri 5
12 Auburn 2
13 South Florida 3
14 Alabama 12
15 Oregon --
16 South Carolina 10
17 Oklahoma State 4
18 Utah 5
19 Wake Forest 7
20 Brigham Young 6
21 Arizona State 3
22 California 4
23 Illinois 1
24 Kansas 2
25 Colorado 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#7), Texas Tech (#12), Tennessee (#17), Virginia Tech (#19), Pittsburgh (#20), Nebraska (#24), Michigan (#25).

Changes from preliminary ballot: I agree that I overrated South Carolina slightly on the basis of a national TV win. If Smelley has a good game thursday, however, that are candidates to move up. Obviously Tennessee had an ugly loss since the draft ballot was published. So much for the "clawfense." They have been dropped. I moved BYU down a little bit, and dropped Colorado in favor of a team that I liked more in the preseason in Kansas. I also think I had slightly overrated Alabama on the basis of one game that just so happened to be a classic Tommy Bowden choke job. I also moved Southern Cal to second, because the only real reason they weren't before is that it would kill me to see OSU in yet another #1 v. #2 game.

If there's still something you disagree with, let me know and I'll take it into consideration for next week's vote.


“Blogpoll Final Ballot: Week 1”

  1. Anonymous aj Says:

    What's the rationale with dropping Texas Tech so far down? Most other voters seemed to rate them higher or the same after the win last week? Just curious, as I didn't see them play last week.

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    Whoops. Texas Tech was an oversight. I was going to drop them a couple spots for playing a generally sloppy game, but did not mean to omit them completely.