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Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 1

1 Ohio State --
2 Florida --
3 Southern Cal 1
4 Georgia 1
5 Oklahoma --
6 Texas 3
7 LSU 3
8 West Virginia --
9 Wisconsin 2
10 Penn State 3
11 Missouri 5
12 Alabama 14
13 Auburn 1
14 South Florida 2
15 Oregon --
16 South Carolina 10
17 Tennessee --
18 Oklahoma State 3
19 Utah 4
20 Brigham Young 6
21 Wake Forest 5
22 Colorado 4
23 Arizona State 5
24 California 2
25 Illinois 3

Dropped Out: Clemson (#7), Texas Tech (#12), Virginia Tech (#19), Pittsburgh (#20), Nebraska (#24), Michigan (#25).

Games Watched: All Big Ten games except OSU-YSU, Wisconsin-Akron, and Indiana-WKU (Thank you, BTN!). I have OSU on the DVR so I'll watch that before my final ballot on Wednesday. I also saw Oregon-Washington, some of Clemson-Bama, Wake-Baylor, Stanford-Oregon State, Most of South Carolina-NC State, and snippets of a few other games. I also have a couple more on the DVR at home that I'll probably spend Labor Day watching.

Notes: I'm not married to this order, so help me out if there's something I missed or something you disagree with. USC moved up beause of a solid win over a program with a pulse - or at least 1-A standing. The same can be said for the other USC, except their opponent was expected to be much better.

Most teams that moved up did so on the basis of attrition ahead of them more than anything. Missouri moved down because I think Illinois' offensive success was based more on a crappy Tigers defense than a radically improved Juice Williams. By the same token, Illinois moved down because a strong defense was supposed to carry them to a certain extent this year - eh, not so much.

Penn Sate sold me on the Spread HD so far. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt against a good team before my skepticism holds me back on them. Texas Tech didn't take too much of a hit despite an uninspiring win against Eastern Washington because I think early-season cobwebs were to blame for most of their 7,387 penalty yards, and they'll come around quickly.


“Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 1”

  1. Anonymous TJ Says:

    south carolina should be no higher than 25. Qb's looked abysmal. 4 interceptions in one half? I'd much rather give clemson the benefit of the doubt and give alabama credit for being a solid team this year.

  2. Blogger kowisja Says:

    Cinncy and Kansas were just outside your top 25 last week but I'm not seeing either this week. Any particular reasons? While neither team played a particularly quality team, both executed well. I thought they looked better than Colorado at least.

  3. Blogger kowisja Says:

    And might I suggest dropping Tennessee... ouch.

  4. Blogger Tim Says:

    Yeah, even if they had won, they looked like shiiiiit tonight.