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Recruiting Update 8-4-08

The Board is here.

Moved to Committed:

FL S Mike Jones. Also, he apparently plans to enroll early.

New Information:
MI QB/S Thomas Gordon. Fluff from the News.
MD RB Tavon Austin. He plans to take an official to Michigan.
MD OL Brennan Williams. Selected for the Army Game.
OH OL Marcus Hall. Michigan is in his top 5 (audio).
GA LB Devekaeyan Lattimore. Wants to take a Michigan visit.
MD LB Jelani Jenkins. Fluff with a Michigan mention.
FL CB Angelo Hadley. Michigan in his top 7.

FL CB Brandon McGee. He is deciding soon, and Michigan doesn't appear on his favorites list.

Fluff on TX QB commit Shavodrick Beaver.

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“Recruiting Update 8-4-08”