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Recruiting Update 8-22-08

Huge update this week. There is actually more that will have to wait to Monday because this update is so JAM-PACKED. Anyway, here's the board.

Moved to Committed:
TX K Anthony Fera.

A kicker category to the board. Thanks, Fera, ya jerk. Maybe in the light of more recent developments, I shouldn't be calling anyone committed to Michigan a jerk.

Moved from Committed:
VA QB Kevin Newsome.

New Information:
CA QB Tate Forcier. August 30th visit (info in header).
GA WR Braxton Lane. Skipping football this fall to focus on baseball. Sounds unlikely he'll hit the gridiron in college.
NC OL Travis Bond. His official visit is set for October 25.
VA DE Will Hill. Fluff.
SC DE Chris Bonds. Michigan and Notre Dame won't move into his highest group until after he has a chance to see campus. They are still in his top 5.
OH DE Tank Carradine. Does he have an offer? He's been working on his grades.
FL LB Brandin Hawthorne has set up 5 official visits, despite planning a decision before any of them. If Michigan is his choice on August 30, expect him to either forget about the other visits or not be given all the priviledges (i.e. having a spot saved for you) of a true commit.
OK CB Gabe Lynn. His friend (and former UM target) David Gordon is trying to lure him to Arkansas. Lynn's junior highlights.

PA WR Todd Thomas. He may have trouble qualifying. That may explain why Michigan never really seemed interested, despite his early love for the Wolverines.

MN WR commit Bryce McNeal is a speed prospect, but is currently too skinny to be considered speed and size. Paging Mike Barwis, who will have McNeal built like an All-American in no time flat.
TX QB commit Shavodrick Beaver welcomes competition. I was so much more into this article when there was someone in the class for him to compete with.

Recruiting changes from the developing Newsome situation outlined here. On the defensive end front, Michigan still really needs people. Though Tank Carradine is now reporting an offer, his recruitment remains under the radar, likely because of qualifying issues of his own.

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“Recruiting Update 8-22-08”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Why isn't Oku back on the board? Also, why is Berry even on there? He is an absolute non-commit at this point, of course that is just my opinion.

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    Though many think Berry is all but signed to Ohio State, whenever he speaks, Michigan is always in his top group.

    As far as Oku, there hasn't been any justification to add him back to the board - yet.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Great site, is a daily read.

    Recruting Math:
    14 Commits
    +2 (1 RB/WR & 1 LB) from FL in AUG - suspected
    = 16 (20+/- scholarships available) means UM has about 4 left.

    1 QB (Newsome, Forcier, or Smith)
    1 OL (Williams, Bond, Freeman, Hall, or etc.)
    1 or 2 DE (Roh and/or Tank, etc.)
    1 DB (Winston???)
    1 LB (Jenkins???)
    1 WR (Shaq Evans???)

    How do you think it will shake out?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I hope we can get a DE named Tank. That would be huge.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Optimal situation in my eyes:
    pull offer for FL guys

    1QB (Newsome, not happening, VT)
    2OL (Hall & another not named Freeman)
    1DE (Roh)
    1DB (Winston, not happening, Miss or Dre, not happening ALA)
    1LB (Jenkins, not happening VA)

    Those are my 6 I would wish for actually, but I see us getting the two guys from FLA, Forcier, Williams, Roh, and MAYBE Hall, but probably some stink star (3*) DE prospect.

  6. Anonymous Obes Says:

    RE: Bryce McNeal

    but the Michigan commit will fit in very nicely in the spread and is faster than J.R. Hemingway and Darryl Stonum, two highly-regarded Michigan signees of the last two classes.


  7. Blogger Homer Says:

    You aren't getting Will Hill.