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Recruiting Update 8-15-08

The Board misses you. You should really visit every once in a while.

New Information:
FL RB Vincent Smith. His decision will be between Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Tennessee. Things still lookin' good.
OH OL Marcus Hall. Preseason O-line MVP of his league.
SC OL Quinton Washington. A top 10 player in the lowcountry. Whatever the lowcountry is.
PA LB Dan Mason. Fluff.
AL CB Dre Kirkpatrick. It will be a surprise for him to end up anywhere other than Bama, especially with all the time he spends on their campus.
FL CB Angelo Hadley. He has a top/final 5 (Mich, Aub, Fla, UNC, UGa). And fluff is written about him.

UT OL Xavier Sua'filo. After expressing early interest in Michigan, there has been no sign that he is still looking at the Wolverines.
WA DT Deandre Coleman. Washington commit.
AZ DE Corey Adams. It seems like he is down to OSU and a couple west coast schools. There hasn't been any Michigan mention in a while.
PA DE/DT Tyrone Ezell. Pitt commit.
MI DE Justice Akuezue. CMU commit.
CA LB John Michael Davis. Same situation as Xavier Sua'Filo. No mutual interest == removal.
MI S Brock Reynolds. I hear almost nothing about this guy, much less articles about his Michigan interest.
OH CB Tony Graham. Same situation as Brock Reynolds.

The Free Press explores the situation with Michigan's scholarship numbers for the 2009 class. The ESPN high school football TV schedule is different every time I look, but here is the most updated master list of games. Note that the Pahokee-Olive Branch game is not there. There is no kickers section on the recruiting board, but TX PK Anthony Fera has been offered (info in header). When I pulled guys off the list for lack of mutual interest, top players got a little more benefit of the doubt in staying on the board. Jamaal Berry is now the guy teetering on the edge, since he continues to list Michigan despite being all but committed to the Buckeyes.

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“Recruiting Update 8-15-08”

  1. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    You missed appleton.
    And do us all a favor, and take Berry off. NOOOOOO WAAAAAY is he coming to UM. About as much of a long shot as Hall. I had been coming in to the site directly to the board, but there appears to no longer be any way to get to the Blog from there. You used to be able to click the banner to be redirected. PITA if you ask me.

  2. Anonymous I know nothing, especially about M. Hall Says:

    And if you have any 'info' on M. Hall and his goofy situation, let us know will ya?? People who 'claim' to know, say they won't tell. Well piss on them. Premium or not, this guy seems to be a little whacked, or his peeps are.

  3. Anonymous Jacques Auef Says:

    Come Sept 5th, you can take Darius Winston off the board....

  4. Blogger Tim Says:

    I heard that as well, but such is life, I guess.

  5. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    Whoa, fellas. What's to say his dream wasn't about UM? Maybe you can put commit next to his name. How about some positive thinking on this one!!!!

  6. Anonymous Obes Says:

    just don't take him off til he actually commits elsewhere

  7. Anonymous Obes Says:

    "I just love that whole coaching staff. I feel like they are going to turn it around at Ole Miss. I would love to be a part of that. I plan on taking an official visit to Ole Miss on Labor day weekend, when they play Memphis."

    Anymore official visits on tap?

    "That is it."

    Should people read anything into that?

    "I guess you could say that, yes sir (laugh)."

    ok you can take him off now