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2008 Michigan Preview: Offense

Michigan Offense
Offensive Backs
Receiving Corps
Offensive Line

Overall Offensive Analysis
The youth and inexperience at quarterback and offensive line (and to a certain extent, receiver) could mean bad things for the Michigan offense this year. The running backs will provide a certain degree of consistency. The slots are very young, but the system is tailored to their skill sets, and they should have some success.

Keys to Offensive Success
Quarterback play is essential in this system, and it will be especially crucial in 2008 with youth at the position. The quarterbacks will have to distribute the ball to the playmakers (enough of which there are to run a successful offense) and avoid making mistakes and committing turnovers. The offense has to keep the ball, and allow the defense to get a bit of rest. Since the defense is expected to be fairly dominant, the offense's main job is to not screw up.

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“2008 Michigan Preview: Offense”

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    No Zirbel.