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Recruiting Update 7-11-08

Mega-full week. Some stuff may be held until Monday's update.

IN OL Kyle Koehne. Top 4 of UM, MSU, BC, UF. Wants to decide before his senior season.
VA DE Will Hill. Visiting this weekend.

New Information:
VA QB Commit Kevin Newsome. May camp at VT. :(
MI QB/S Thomas Gordon. Nearly guaranteed to commit if offered.
MS S Dennis Thames. Recruiting fluff, +visited this week and subsequently named Michigan his favorite.
IN OL Zach Martin. Top 5 of UM, ND, UVa, UK, Ill. Wants to decide before senior season (not set in stone). Visiting this weekend.
GA LB Devekeyan Lattimore. Likes Michigan and plans to visit this summer (info in header).
NV DE Keenan Graham. Michigan in his top 9.
OK CB Gabe Lynn. Michigan would let him run track in college.
CA WR Shaquelle Evans. Michigan "high on his list." He is expected to visit Notre Dame for the Michigan game.
GA CB Darren Myles. He plans a visit to the northern schools on his list sometime this summer. Michigan is on his list but not explicitly mentioned as one of the visited.
NC WR Jheranie Boyd. Recruiting fluff.

SC QB/S Stephon Gilmore. Michigan is out of his top group.
FL CB Brandon McGee. Has made decision plans, Michigan not among the schools considered.
IA WR Keenan Davis. Will not decide until signing day, no apparent M interest.
TN WR Marlon Brown. Trimmed list, no Michigan.
NC CB Terry Shankle. Michigan eliminated.

Etc.: TheWolverine's Josh Helmholdt breaks down Michigan and MSU recruiting classes thus far.

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“Recruiting Update 7-11-08”

  1. Anonymous Obes Says:

    per sam webb and the recruiting roundup yesterday, newsome will not be attending the VT camp

  2. Anonymous Obes Says:

    and also, the thing about letting gabe lynn run track in college. that article is about david gordon.

  3. Anonymous David Says:

    In the interest of getting keeping your recruiting board updated, Rivals just upgraded Jeremy Gallon to a 4 star/5.8 RR player. Always good to see a commitment rated higher than previously.

  4. Anonymous david Says:


    Details above.