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On Quarterbacks (Yet Again)

It's time to respond to a post that I find to be completely off-base regarding Kevin Newsome. You may remember the author from giving us an insight or two on Newsome and Jelani Jenkins a while back, but I'm not going to link the source article, since it was particularly dickish when all I've done is give the guy hits:
For any of the folks from the Varsity Blue web site that as still visiting, let me say, to quote the great poet Henry Rollins: "HA HA HA, sucker! Sucker!" Did you really think you were going to get Kevin Newsome out of the 757? You are a total idiot for doubting me. His brother, rising junior standout Keevon Newsome, wants to go to Vah-tech, and Kevin Newsome is already concerned that Michigan is going to present some problems. You don't leave your native school to go to Hargrave because your grades are above the line, so he obviously has some academic problems. Nobody is as accomodating of academic and behavioral shortcomings as Frank Beamer, and none of Rich-Rod's shady, illegal recruiting tactics are going to change that. A lot of people with optics into this one tell me it is already done and that Newsome will formally back out of his verbal to Michigan and commit to Vah-Tech before the season starts. For all you Varsity Blue dorks, my prediction remains unchanged: Kevin Newsome will be a Hokie, and Jim Tressel will bitch-slap the Wolverines for another five straight years (at least).
I highly doubt Kevin Newsome would be the president of his high school chapter of National Honor Society if he had grade issues. Thus, it must follow that he is going to Hargrave for other reasons. Could one of these reasons be to get away from the pressure within the 757 to go to VT? It certainly follows logically, especially when you take into account that Newsome's new head coach at Hargrave is particularly fond of making his players remain true to verbal commitments.

Also, Keevon is a big VT fan, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up there. However, if Kevin was going to do the same, wouldn't he have taken the opportunity of the VT camp to take a visit (especially considering Keevon was there for the camp).

I won't even bother to respond to the allegations of sady recruiting tactics (dumb) or the touting of Frank Beamer as a sketchy character. Both are laughable.

For more information on Michigan's quarterback situation, check out the Free Press. Even if Newsome does back out of his verbal, Michigan has a couple slightly less-touted contingency plans.

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“On Quarterbacks (Yet Again)”

  1. Anonymous Obes Says:

    if you get a chance you should read the comments on that particular post of his. obes has your back.

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    Haha. Good looks, Obes.

  3. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    Have you seen their current list of recruits? Wow, alot of guys who are currently 'under the radar' I would say.

    Beamer does not recruit. He waits for players to be 'delivered' to him. But what is awaiting him is a dismal class, hell, Maryland is kicking their ass.

    This guy is a clown. No Newsome, no Porzel, no Jenkins, just a bunch of 3 star and lower players.

    Keep poking at him Tim.

  4. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    what a douche bag

  5. Anonymous Jacques Auef Says:

    one thing is for certain and that anything can happen with a verbal recruit. With that said, the person who posted the message is just pulling dingleberries out of his ass. It's all wishful thinking at this point. My left non working testicle has better logic than the hokie poster.

  6. Anonymous nickysantoro Says:

    What a douchebag. Is there not a single sensible person in either of the Virginias?

    Maybe I am nuts, but this Newsome thing does not worry very much at all. Sure, I would love to have him here, but there are lots of equal or better options out there should he decide to de-commit. Dont think it will happen, but if it did, I think we would see Forcier or Smith here in a heartbeat.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    he better hope thats what happens or else he looks like a complete idiot for the second time.

    first we would never get him, now we'll never hold on to him.

    its great how you were kind in reference to his blog and now he gets a whiff of newsome leaving and he comes here acting like a douchebag