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Darius Morris Plans to Announce Tomorrow

Basketball target Darius Morris plans to announce his college decision tomorrow.

Morris attended Michigan summer camp, and sources have indicated that he will pick Michigan. If he does, the first piece to John Beilein's recruiting plan will have landed, and the road will be paved for future recruiting classes.

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“Darius Morris Plans to Announce Tomorrow”

  1. Anonymous Jacques Auef Says:

    Landing Mr. Morris would really be a big coup for Beilein. But I think the jury is out if it will be the beginning of a surge of landing bigger name recruits. Darius is a special kid by the fact he thinks outside the box and is pending commitment to Michigan, we hope, points to this type of thinking. He sees the opportunity of being able to be a trail blazer and being an anchor to helping Michigan regain glory. Let's just hope it has legs.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Hopefully Morris commits and helps recruit some other guys like Nate Lubick.