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Mailbag: Broken Spine Edition

Since a lot of people have been asking how I am doing, I'll just start off by saying: considering the circumstances, I'm doing great. I can move around without a ton of pain, which is something most people who fall four stories can't say (they usually can't say anything because they die). Here is what an x-ray image of a broken spine looks like:
Pretend like I posted almost the exact same image 3 times. Now you know what my L1-L3 vertebrae look like. I am walking, talking, and (clearly) typing, so thanks to everyone for the kind words you gave earlier. And now for a couple of actually relevant things:

An anonymous commenter asks:
1. why RR would offer Cornelius Jones?

2. Rumor has it that that Jeremy Gallon has grades troubles and thats why some bigger schools passed on him. Any truth to that? Also is there any video of gallon
1. I have yet to figure out whether Jones is even a '09 or '10 prospect. There is precious little about him on the internet, and I think this "offer" sounds a little questionable. Where are the Scout and Rivals interviews with the kid (or even a profile on one of the two sites)?

Another thing I question on this topic is why the Free Press is writing about this offer. Michigan has offered tons of kids at this point, and this is the first one that the Freep has taken the time to write (read: plagiarize) and article about. Sounds a little questionable in terms of writer's motives.

2. I have heard this, but it doesn't really seem to make a ton of sense. Sure, RR isn't afraid of recruiting a kid because of possible grades issues, but then, neither are most of the schools in the SEC. There has to be another reason why schools didn't pursue this kid.

I think it is primarily because he is tiny (reports range from 5-6 to 5-9), and few schools have need for tiny guys like Michigan has need for tiny guys. Another factor is that he will have to change positions, and perhaps take a while to be ready to play. If Michigan was not scrambling to fill all the roster spaces for slotmen, perhaps someone like Gallon would have had to wait until later in the recruiting process for an offer.

As far as Gallon video, this is the best (free) one I've been able to find. If any enterprising readers find something else, drop me a line.

I've also gotten about 30 versions of this question:
What's the deal with Tate Forcier?
I have no idea. It certainly seemed like Michigan was going to be done with '09 quarterbacks with Kevin Newsome and Shavodrick Beaver committed. However, Tate Forcier still came to Ann Arbor for Michigan's senior camp, and appears to be strongly interested in the Wolverines.

Are Rich Rodriguez and Co. just leading the kid on? Or are they keeping him in mind as an insurance policy of either of the other guys jumps ship? Maybe he just refuses to let them drop him as a prospect. It may be too early to tell at this point, but I think Michigan has its two guys, and Tate will be on the outside looking in, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Whatever happened to the combined recruiting board with MGoBlog?
Brian and I tried to come up with a simple solution that would be easy for both of us to access and maintain, and when nothing came up quickly, the project was sort of shelved/forgotten. In all honesty, I think it might serve a good purpose to maintain separate ones, as it leads to more information getting out overall, about a wide range of prospects. For now, don't expect to see a combined recruiting board any time soon.

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“Mailbag: Broken Spine Edition”

  1. Anonymous Donnie Douchebag Says:

    Glad to hear that you are doing well considering what happened. Lady luck was on your side. Only question, did the Aussie hooker's pimp push you out of the window when you refused to pay? :P

  2. Anonymous a2matt Says:

    Forcier showed up on his own. Rich Rod ans Co are no longer recruiting him.

  3. Anonymous Donnie Douchebag Says:


    But did they pull his scholarship?

  4. Blogger Tim Says:

    I doubt they pulled his scholarship, nor do I think they are recruiting him anymore.

    The question is whether or not they've kindly instructed him to fuck off (which clearly, they haven't, not sure if there is a reason behind it or not.