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Varsity Blue

Visit the new Varsity Blue at http://www.umvarsityblue.com!

Don't Like the Uniforms? Design Your Own!

After the pictures of the alleged new Michigan away jerseys leaked, fans were up in arms. While I don't think that will be the final design (there will be slight tweaks if not something completely different), nor did I think the jerseys were that ugly, it was clear that the rest of the internetting Wolverine fanbase was less than pleased.

You may recall last year when I posted photoshopped alternate uniforms.Reactions to those selections were mixed as well, but now is your chance to create your own design. Using any medium of your choice (Photoshop, MSPaint, colored pencils and a scanner), create your own Michigan uniform designs. Nothing is too radical, nothing is too bland.

E-mail your entries (in any widely-used image or document format) to sullivti@umich.edu, and I'll post them for discussion.

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“Don't Like the Uniforms? Design Your Own!”