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Alternative Uniform Mockups

There are courtesy of Scout Message Board user SuperStudSteve (ironically, an OSU fan who isn't even named Steve).

White and Blue Away:

White on White Away:

Yellow on Blue Home:

Yellow on Yellow Home:

The away ones are Adrian Arrington from the Penn State game last year, and the home mockups are Marshawn Lynch with Mike Hart's head (note the Cal logo on the V-neck).

My Opinion:

White on Blue looks alright, though I'm not sure it's an improvement over the yellow pants. Personally, I think all away jerseys are getting a little played out (Texas does it best), and am not interested in seeing them (I know we had them in the 70s or 80s).
As far as the home Jerseys, I think the all yellow looks like crap. The yellow-on-blue, on the other hand, I wouldn't mind seeing a maximum of once a year for a special occasion. The majority of fans who are opposed think the "tradition" of the home jerseys shouldn't be tampered with. However, like Brian feels toward night games, I don't think a special occasion-type uniform would bring a certain energy to the team (think: maize out), and couldn't hurt in marketing the program a bit (it would be a big enough deal to get play on random ESPN talk show #s 1-6).

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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“Alternative Uniform Mockups”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Maize on maize just looks stupid, and maize on blue looks like friggin' Cal.

    White on blue for away is not an improvement over white on maize, but I recognize that some people could disagree.


  2. Blogger Jim Harbaugh Scramble Says:

    white on white sucks so that is out.

    white on blue - i think doesnt look as good as white on maize so toss that out.

    blue on maize looks just like cal (maybe cuz that is a cal jersey in the pic) so just dump that too.

    and maize on maize is awful.

    i think the best thing to do is keep it the same.

  3. Anonymous FormerlyAnonymous Says:

    those are ridiculously terrible, but then again, im not a fan of the current road jersey's either.

  4. Blogger Kenny Says:

    I agree with the majority in that I don't like either of these away combinations or the maize on maize, but I do think a Maize on Blue would be a dope look for a home game, a night game if they ever decided to have one at the Big House. Nike does make alternate Maize jerseys, slightly different than the Cal ones you've got pictured. I have a #1 of that type and I like it a lot. You can froogle Michigan alternate jersey and they'll pop right up.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    i don't know whay anyone would want to go away from the blue home jersey--it's one of the coolest in football. white on blue away may be ok, but i'd have to see a better mock-up. the poor photoshop job just doesn't cut it. maize on maize is awful and the maize on blue is second rate.