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Afternoon Links

Sorry for the lazy afternoon post. The previews are taking a long time to complete, and I want to get to work on finishing them.

Interesting article from the Free Press about Northwestern's signal stealing spoiled by Michigan's ball boys in the national championship season.

OSU blog Dotting The I recently built a basketball team out of its best football players. I'll refrain from doing the same for Michigan (mostly because the fotball players would probably beat the Michigan basketball team at their own game).

Sticking with the Buckeyes, Victoria's Secret Pink will be offering merchandise featuring the logos of several universities - but not OSU. Interested case, though, like Dotting the I, I don't see how there is a major conflict of interest unless OSU gets different benefits than all the other schools.

It's not like Brian needs traffic from us, but MGoBlog has pictures of the inside of the Big House at this stage in construction.

Update: Johnny posted! If you've never read Ronald Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars or if it just fell off your blog roll during the extended hiatus, do yourself a favor and read it. Then do the Internet a favor and tell him to keep doing what he's doing.

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“Afternoon Links”

  1. Anonymous Y do my balls sag when it's hot? Says:

    One now has to wonder if other teams have taken advantage of stealing play calls from UM over the years and I mean recent years too.