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Recruiting Update 4-18-08

I'm digging this Monday-Friday recruiting update schedule when there isn't a ton going on. I'll probably keep to it except in the case of big news like commitments. Speaking of which... a couple of bigtime visitors are coming in the weekend, including Bryce McNeal. I wouldn't be shocked if McNeal pulled the trigger for Michigan. On to the update... (full board here).

Moved to committed:
OH RB Fitzgerald Toussaint. This is what I get for publishing before doing all my due diligence.

New Information:
SC QB (DB to most other schools) Stephon Gilmore says that Tennessee is his favorite, but he isn't close to finalizing a decision.
OK RB David Oku. Pontificates on Michigan and Ohio State. By the way, he has a top 6 with neither in-state school.
IL OL Chris Watt visited Notre Dame for the 7 millionth time, I think it's fair to say they're his favorite.
FL QB Aaron Murray is the first player selected to the Elite 11 camp.
OH OL Marcus Hall. Ohio State, Southern Cal, and Illinois are his favorites.
LA DT Chris Davenport has a top two (LSU and USC) and a decision schedule (Spetember or October). He is a candidate for removal soon, since the Wolverines appear to be out of the race.

Most importantly, this:

TX QB Shavodrick Beaver is really wanted by TCU. A quote from Beaver:
"I was just about to make a decision here for TCU, but now I don't know... but now that Michigan has offered that made me want to change my mind."
Sounds like Michigan and TCU are atop his list. The entirety of the "open letter" response to Beaver's comment (warning: it's really stupid):
"Dear Shavodrick,

Its COLD as HELLLLL in Michigan and its a long ways from Wichita Falls. Don't get wrapped up in all the hype. The new TCU offense will be a mirror image of Michigan's and you WILL get playing time here instantly. Do the coaches in Ann Arbor even know how to get to Wichita Falls? No they have no idea. They offered just to offer. Don't let them cloud your vision of being a superstar here at TCU. *See University of Texas if you want an example of players told one thing and receive another. Transferring after finding out too late would really suck and sitting out a year would suck too. Plus, your mom can watch you EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND here in Fort Worth.

Your future biggest fan,

  • First things first: it does indeed get cold in Michigan. That may be the only part of the letter that makes sense (then there are the counterarguments of having to play in the cold in the NFL, non-conference CFB games being played in cold weather (or even conference games for about half of the Mountain West), and the fact that summer camp in the south is brutal).
  • The new TCU offense will be a mirror image of Michigan's, eh? Then why would you play at a less prestigious school with a coach who didn't invent the scheme?
  • Instant playing time? Have you seen Michigan's depth chart? Offering just to offer? I think it might be offering because Michigan needs a good dual-threat QB.
  • Superstar at TCU != Superstar at Michigan.
  • What does UT have to do with players being told one thing and experiencing another at Michigan? And what, exactly, are you saying that Rich Rodriguez will lie about?
Again, dumb.

NV DE Justin Chaisson. Committed to Oklahoma.

A depressing comparison of all the recruits at OSU's spring game as opposed to Michigan's. And Alabama's. How about a hundred at Nebraska?
Freep recruiting articles: Sam Webb, Quarterbacks (albeit with a limited number of targets).
The Columbus Dispatch covers Michigan recruiting. Please, try to convince me they don't have a complex of some sort.
MVictors covers the kickoff the The Official Rich Rodriguez Whirlwind Tour.

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“Recruiting Update 4-18-08”

  1. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    Another guy who is a bit under the radar and hasnt received any stars yet. Really good speed and another guy that can play slot. Right now we Teric Jones, Terrance Robinson, Odoms, Roudtree all at the slot. Plus Toney Clemons is playing there now. How many of these guys do we need?

  2. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    I would like to see a quarterback next.