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Recruiting Update 4-14-08

Full Board.

Recruits at the Spring Game:
Obviously a lower turnout than usual because of a variety of circumstances, but Kevin Newsome, AJ Fenton, Zach Martin, and Henry Conway were all there, along with several 2008 commits and (I believe both of) the 2009 Cass Tech guys.

IN OL Zach Martin. He was at the spring game, and I believe he got offered.
OH OL Henry Conway. He was at the spring game, and I've heard he was an impressive physical specimen.

New Information:
PA DE Tahir Basil visits PSU and Rutgers.
MN WR Fritz Rock Florida visit.
MD LB Jelani Jenkins probably won't go to UVa. I do not follow this post's logic at all, so help me out if you get it.

Etc.: Freep C">Spring Game Article. Ranking the BCS coaches. Much more Spring Game stuff up later today or tomorrow, including video.

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“Recruiting Update 4-14-08”