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In case you were worried about Kevin Newsome's speed, check out this video of his 4x100 team winning the large school division at the Penn Relays.

Newsome is the anchor leg in lane 2(? second from nearest at the finish line, the guy who wins). He brings his team the victory.

Also, according to Sam Webb on today's edition of the Michigan Insider on WTKA, there may be other good QB news this week. Tate Forcier or Shavodrick Beaver may announce for Michigan this week.

Thanks to frequent commenter RJ for the tip.

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  1. Anonymous Obes Says:

    wow, he can really go

  2. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    he is fast! No one will remember donnovan mcnabb played qb in college after newsome is done.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I wish Newsome was coming THIS fall.

  4. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    Meh, we will deal with Threet...He's not that slow and a smarter than Mallet was...he's probably smart enough to know not to talk back to the coaching staff.

  5. Anonymous Corey Says:

    You may be right but in response to your comment, I have clarified why I stated he did.

    You may be right. I would like to know if he actually did.

  6. Anonymous Mario's Bong Says:

    Why do I get a sneaky feeling that Tate will be the one turning Blue???

  7. Anonymous Mario's Bong Says:

    Ok, just saw the video...am I to assume the last leg was run by Kevin he is the one how put on the after burners at the end? If so, he looks to be the Nissan GTR equivalent of a human being. Still wanna see how he runs with 250lb LBers after him! :P

  8. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    Just today on WTKA Sam Webb said Tate is confident enough to commit even if Beaver commits.