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The Old Barn: Part 1

A Michigan hockey game simply wouldn’t be the same without its raucous fans. The atmosphere inside Yost Ice Arena is famous. The commissioner of Michigan’s conference, the CCHA, praises the Yost crowd as well.

"I just think it captures the entire college atmosphere. The stands are right on top of you, and the fans are active and vocal."
Even more impressive is that Commissioner Tom Anastos is an alumnus of Michigan State, one of the Wolverines’ greatest rivals. As famous as Yost Ice Arena has become for its spectacular reputation as a hockey venue, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, Yost Field house was originally designed to accommodate nearly every sport – with the notable exception of hockey. However, over the course of its existence, Yost has served many roles in Michigan athletics, and is now known as one of college hockey’s premier venues. It may not be the most advanced facility, but according to Michigan coach Red Berenson,
“if you want to play in a rink with a great environment and a lot of history, then you should come to Michigan, because Yost is a player's rink."
It is that history, in fact, that gives Yost its special place in college sports history. While other college venues may be older, or bigger, or more high-tech, Yost Ice Arena is the one that most accurately captures the history of college athletics.

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“The Old Barn: Part 1”

  1. Blogger Max Says:

    The commissioner's name is Tom Anastos... unless I'm not in on some Jim Tressuck-esque joke.