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Kevin Newsome Goes Blue


VA QB Kevin Newsome has given his word to become a Michigan Wolverine. Newsome is a 6-3, 212-pound player from Chesapeake, Virginia. He becomes the 6th commitment for Michigan's 2009 class. He is currently a high 4-star (the second rated dual-threat quarterback), and could end up a five-star when all is said and done. He is planning an early enrollment for the winter semester.

Player Notes
Newsome, from Western Branch, is a Tebow-like Quarterback, a physical runner who is more like a linebacker than a safety (a la Pat White). However, he has more top-end speed than Tebow, running (and exceling) in various track events. His teammate, Javanti Sparrow (also a track athlete), is a cornerback who may be in the running for a Michigan offer down the road. Newsome is also a good student, participating in National Honors Society, and having considered other quality academic institutions like Northwestern and Duke.

At this year's Army Junior Combine, he measured 6-3.5, 205lbs (slightly taller than his listed 6-3, and lighter than 215, but he could have added that weight). He benched 18 reps of 185 pounds, right around the median at the event, and certainly among the strongest for QBs.. As far as speed, he did the agility drill in 4.29, among the fastest times there, and ran a very respectable (especially for a QB) 4.68 40-yard dash, at a slow event where Teric Jone's 4.47 tied for the fastest time there.

Recruiting Notes
When Russell Shepard committed to LSU, not only did it mean Michigan's top prospect was off the board, but it also catapulted Newsome to #1 (or 1a, depending on your thoughts about Tate Forcier). Virginia Tech was considere the early favorite for Kevin Newsome, and even more so after another Virginia QB, Tajh Boyd, committed to West Virginia. Newsome received an early Michigan offer, and visited Ann Arbor for the spring game at Saline High school. While he enjoyed the game (in terrible weather), he still visited several other Midwest schools the following weekend - without stopping by Ann Arbor. However, a visit from Michigan coaches on the first day of the spring evaluation period to Western Branch High School solidified Michigan at the top of his list.


Game winning drives? Check.

Et Cetera
Newsome's younger brother, Keevon, is a 2010 DE prospect, who won MVP honors among D-linemen at a recent underclassman combine. Newsome's commitment has to put the Wolverines in good position with Newsome the younger as well, though he will probably start out a VT lean.

And of course, Newsome's teammate Javanti Sparrow is a 2009 CB prospect. It will be interesting to see if Michigan pursues him with Newsome in the fold.

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“Kevin Newsome Goes Blue”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:


    where's mr. michigan has no shot at newsome, he's a VA Tech lock now?

    congrats to RR on the pull and welcome to michigan mr. newsome

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Question -

    Does this mean Rod is going to throw the ball down field a lot more than he did with P White?

    And what if we get Forcier AND Newsome haha

  3. Blogger Tim Says:

    Answer -

    In a word, yes. While RR will never completely change his system, it is adaptable to the talent he has. If his QB doesn't have a noodle arm (a la White), he will be able to throw the ball more, which will also help keep defenses honest for the run.

    Top notch talent is pretty much always win-win.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Who is Branch?

  5. Blogger Tim Says:

    Ummm, Western Branch is Newsome's high school? Not sure what you mean.

  6. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    What does this mean about Forcier?

  7. Anonymous Obes Says:

    i hope you told homer to suck a dick

  8. Blogger Tim Says:

    I did manage to leave him a snide comment or two.

  9. Blogger Homer Says:

    It is Homer L Ferguson.

    How ya like me now, beeatch!

    You're welcome.............