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Spring Preview: Receiving Corps

Butler (rJr)
Massey (rSr)
Mathews (Jr)
Clemons (So)
Shaw (Fr)
Webb (So)
Hemingway (So)
Savoy (rJr)
Robinson (Fr)
Watson (rFr)
Babb (So)
Stonum (Fr)
Odoms (Fr)
Koger (Fr)
Moore (Fr)
Roundtree (Fr)

Horn (rFr)

The only freshman who will participate in spring practice is Darryl Stonum. None of the others (Shaw, Roundtree, Odoms, Robinson, Koger, and Moore) will arrive on campus until fall camp. Position battles include Butler v. Massey at tight end (I see Butler excelling in the Rodriguez system - if he can make it through the conditioning regimen) and the #2 receiver spot is essentially up for grabs, along with slot receiver. Avery Horn is listed under slot (as well as RB), because it is unclear which position he is more likely to play (probably a combination).

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“Spring Preview: Receiving Corps”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Move Horn up. He will have all srping and summer to learn the position, and he has a year and a half on all of the freshmen in college.