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Spring Preview: Offensive Line

Offensive Line
Ortmann (rJr)
McAvoy (rJr)
Molk (rFr)
Boren (Jr)
Schilling (rSo)
Huyge (rFr)
Moosman (rJr)
Moosman (rJr)
Moosman (rJr)
Dorrestein (rSo)
O'Neill (Fr)
Wermers (Fr)
Barnum (Fr)
Mealer (Fr)
Zirbel (rJr)
Khoury (Fr)

Omameh (Fr)

The offensive line will be the area of least knowledge going into the spring for those not affiliated with the program. A new skill set will likely be required of Rich Rodriguez's offensive linemen than was of Lloyd Carr's. The existing players with the best fit will play under Rodriguez. Not-yet-existing for this spring are incoming freshmen Dann O'Neill, Rocko Khoury, Kurt Wermers, Ricky Barnum, Elliott Mealer, and Patrick Omameh. At the guard positions, it looks like at least one of them will have to play for depth this season.

While I think it would be good for Steve Schilling to move inside (both for his skill set and depth along the interior), I have heard he is being kept at tackle for now. Ortmann will likely man the left tackle spot, and Boren is a lock at one of the guard positions, barring injury. David Moosman and Molk will battle with Tim McAvoy for the remaining two spots. I have given the nod to those that I think are more likely to win the battles.

After spring, there will be a lot more clarity as to where certain guys will fit. Of note: Nobody on this depth chart will lose their eligibility following this season.

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“Spring Preview: Offensive Line”