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Spring Preview: Offensive Backs

Part 2 in the Pre-spring preview. Today will be the offense.
Threet (fFr)
Feagin (Fr)
Minor (Jr)
Brown (Jr)
Helmuth (So)
Cone (rSo)
Grady (rJr)
Moundros (rSo)
Sheridan (W)
McGuffie (Fr)
Horn (rFr)
Criswell (rJr)

Cox (Fr)

Obviously Justin Feagin, Mike Cox, and Sam McGuffie are not going to be around until the fall, and will not participate in spring practice. Thus, the positional battles will not be fully settled until the fall. Battles of note: I think Vince Helmuth will become the starter in a system that places a greater emphasis on athleticism. Kevin Grady is listed at tailback on this chart, though it is possible that spring brings a change to the MX position, or at least learning both of the positions. Andre Criswell is more of a classic fullback (and is not even exceptional at that position); I'm not sure if he's much of a fit at MX. I'm starting to wonder if a player like him will ever find a spot on Rich Rodriguez's team.

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“Spring Preview: Offensive Backs”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    R u just pulling this out of your ass or did you actually attend any practices? Well actually they just started so you couldn't have...

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    Uh, what? The point was that these are my predictions before spring even started. Note the fact that it says "Pre-spring," moron.