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Spring Preview: Linebackers

Mouton (rSo)
Thompson (rSr)
OR Ezeh (rSo)
Ezeh (rSo)
OR Evans (So)
Logan (Sr)
Panter (Sr)
Patilla (rSo)
OR Herron (rFr)
Demens (Fr)
OR Witherspoon (Fr)
Fitzgerald (Fr)
Hill (Fr)

I'm of the opinion that, with the lack of speed defensive ends, you may see a player like Marrell Evans, who was a defensive end/designated rusher in high school, move down to the DL. The true freshmen won't be here until fall, so we won't know if one of them makes a similar transition (i.e. Marcus Witherspoon). Other things include the starting LB unit. Where does Obi Ezeh start, and how does this affect who the other starting LB will be?

There is a lot of depth at the SAM position, even before the freshmen come in. Because of this, most LBs will probably learn multiple positions.

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“Spring Preview: Linebackers”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Likewise, good, except Evans didn't redshirt