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Spring Preview: Defensive line

Graham (Jr)
Johnson (rSr)
Taylor (Sr)
Jamison (rSr)
Banks (rSo)
Patterson (Jr)
Kates (rSo)
Slocum (rSo)
Ferrara (rSo)
VanBergen (rFr)
Sagesse (So)
Martin (Fr)

Spring will be a good time to tell us a couple of important facts about the defensive front. First, is Jason Kates going to stay with the team? Conflicting reports have stated that he has quit, while other assert he is still with the team. If he doesn't participate in spring practice, we can assume he is gone. Also, a few positions will be ironed out. Adam Patterson, Ryan VanBergen, and Greg Banks haven't been established at one particular position, and we'll be able to get a better idea where the S&C has taken their bodies.

In terms of performance, I really want to know if there is any quality depth behind the starters, especially helpful to see who can step up as starters when three members of the D-line leave after 2008. Mike Martin and a top-notch freshman defensive end will not be around for the spring. Unfortunately, the defensive end will not be around for the fall either.

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“Spring Preview: Defensive line”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I'm pretty sure Sagesse did not redshirt.

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    You're correct.


  3. Anonymous Obes Says:

    is the top notch freshman that's not gonna be here in the fall nick perry?

  4. Blogger Tim Says:

    It could theoretically be anyone. It's just a glaring need that went unfilled.